2110 caps and 6 caps! A dream to push his high 28 points just feet|10 caps and 6 caps! A dream to push his high 28 points just feet1

10 caps and 6 caps! A dream to push his high 28 feet he only cover a career high refresh sina sports news Beijing time on November 27th, Jinzhou warriors in the home court with a 115-102 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves warriors, starting small forward Kevin – Durant played 38 minutes, 17 to 10, three of 4 shots in the 3, 28 points, plus 10 rebounds, 5 assists and a career high 6 blocks. After joining the warriors, because Durant’s score on the shoulder is not as heavy as when he was in the thunder team, which allows him to do many other things on the field, and show his comprehensive skills. Yesterday, the warriors away win over the Lakers, Durant scored 29 points and 9 assists in the highest. Today the warriors back to home court back-to-back games young Minnesota, with Durant on is the NBA flanking position star Andrew virchis. After the opening, Durant’s condition is very good, the first 3 shots, plus 2 penalty 2, he scored 8 points, under his leadership, the warriors in the first half before the outgoing wave of small high tide, and forced the Timberwolves coach Thibodeau calledtimeout. But after the adjustment, the wolves launched a wave of attack, and in the first half of the festival gradually lead. After the start of the second quarter, the warriors trailed by 6 points, and the foiled attack, at this time, Durant to come forward, this section to only 7 minutes and 41 seconds, Durant under the basket to grabbed an offensive rebound, then the warrior’s next attack, Durant grabbed the back basket plate alone after dribbling, he crossove in the three – point line easily off the first defender, then breaks through the basket, and the body under the condition of strong collision in the air and the other players score. This Boliande 5 points against Durant, the warriors reversed the situation on the field. Of course, Durant also has a great influence on the defensive side. In section second, his long arms play a role, and cover the three ball Zach lavin. Then in three wolves players surrounded by the shot hit, but also caused a foul, the successful completion of a 2+1. Half before the end of the game, Durant hit 45 points on the right side of a whistle at the point of three points. After the goal, Durant turned toward the audience, he excitedly banged her fist on the side of the chest, a loud roar. In the first half, Durant 13 to 7, the highest 18 points and 7 rebounds and 2 assists, and 2 blocks, help the warriors lead 56-48 wolves. In the third quarter, Curitiba suddenly broke out, scored 17 points, and took over the game, but Durant’s attack is still high, as long as there are chances to score, he will be able to hold this festival, Adu dropped into 2 three pointers. 1 minutes and 23 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Durant hit a breakthrough after riding archery CIC, and seal the victory for the warriors. Although Durant only scored 10 points in the second half, but he had sent out 6 shots, hit a career high. This is Durant, who was a warrior, and he didn’t cut 40 points as he used to, but instead