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Pneumonia, esophageal cancer: do not want to eat and can not eat the difference! There are a lot of people who are ill at the time of the Sohu, and they say to the doctor, "I’ve been eating a lot lately". In fact, this sentence contains two meanings: do not want to eat and can not eat. The so-called reluctance to eat refers to the subjective desire of patients not to eat, but if forced to eat can also be accepted. However, the inability to eat refers to the subjective existence of patients who do not want to eat or are willing to eat, but the process is difficult to eat, or after eating there will be discomfort. If you can not distinguish between these two concepts, it is possible to cause misdiagnosis. For example, the following two patients, all my mid day treatment of patients, although they are eating less, a disease is different: the story of one day in advance of a resuscitation room, 90 years old, his family told me: "little old man recently to eat, no strength to stand up!". I looked at the thin old man in bed, and found that he had even reached the state of the evil liquid. Although the frail old man’s vital signs were fairly stable, it was clear that he was breathing a little faster and kept coughing! In addition to the elderly in the near future do not want to eat anything? It will heat up to 39 degrees centigrade! The old man has a cough and expectoration? Occasionally cough, sputum is not much, it seems to cough out. …… Through these simple dialogue I on the condition of the elderly have a preliminary judgment, the original old a year ago because of mild cerebral infarction left hemiplegia and cough when eating, about ten days ago after eating cough paroxysmal cough, expectoration, followed by fever. Family believes that the common cold, for the elderly to take oral antibiotics, cold medicine, etc., but no obvious effect. Until the old man was too weak to walk to the hospital. Later, CT confirmed my guess that the underlying cause of the old man was aspiration pneumonia, followed by systemic inflammatory syndrome. The body has been in a state of heat, the consumption of high metabolism has not been timely supplement, systemic inflammation infection has not been corrected in time, so we will see similar to the state of the elderly. So, the old man is because of severe lung infection caused by systemic symptoms, so that they do not want to eat. In fact, if forced to eat for the elderly, it does not allow the elderly appear new discomfort. Story two but some people do not eat completely, such as the following story: the day before the Mid Autumn Festival time, at noon to a middle-aged man who is 58 years old, he said to me: "doctor, I recently can not eat, how to do?" This looks medium size, apathetic with looking at the eyes of my desire to answer, but first I need to know is that he is not willing to eat or not eat. Have you eaten very little lately? Yeah, I don’t want to eat. Is not willing to eat, or eat uncomfortable? Eat will feel blocked, it is difficult to swallow, and sometimes feel chest pain. This situation has been a long time? It’s almost a month. load