2017 snow Polo World Cup started today in England and South Africa team became the first game winner

2017 snow Polo World Cup started today? England and South Africa team became the first game winner

Chinese Tianjin, January 17, 2017 – 1985, the Swiss ski resort of St. Moritz, the world’s first snow polo tournament starts on a frozen lake, after snow Polo was removed in the United States, Italy, and all over the world. Six years ago, the sport without all the way came to Tianjin China, since then, Tianjin Goldin metropolitan Polo Club became the "cradle" of Asian snow polo, in the Chinese relay development of this exciting, and very soon motion perception.

today, Tianjin Goldin metropolitan Polo Club ushered in the sixth Wells Fargo Goldin snow Polo world cup. The annual Polo event for a period of five days, teams from six continents, the team composed of representatives of five national team and a special administrative region, they are the defending champions Hongkong team, Chinese strength strong England team, Argentina team and the American team traditional teams, as well as the "Australia dark horse" and the South African team.

venue Tianjin Huanya South stadium changed the usual grass, 155 meters long, 73 meters wide field snow, all by artificial snow. For the sport of polo, smooth, rugged snow is crucial to the players and the safety of horses. Organizers said that in order to ensure the normal game, in a few weeks ago, the snow making machine on a daily basis to work 12 to 24 hours, the entire site of the snow thickness was accurately suppressed to 300 mm. Not only that, during the game, in order to repair site pits, snow making machines are still on standby.

the opening ceremony, six Polo level (Handicap) as high as 14 to 16 teams, a total of eighteen players, the best approach in the snow horse, marching drums Symphony came inside the stadium, a gathering of distinguished, darling.

group phase first played for the team in Argentina and England team, Argentina team dressed in white uniforms, in contrast to the British red uniforms, but the two teams are Polo level up to level 16, the strength of the same.

In the first section of

has just begun, Argentina team 6 players Santiago Cernadas first scored a 20 yard penalty for the team to win the opener. However, this goal seems to ignite the opponent’s endless fight, after the Cernadas, England’s James Harper into two free throws. England’s explosive force should not be underestimated, from the first section is 10 seconds at the end of a long ball team mate Alastair Paterson, put the orange ball into the goal, the score to 3 than 1.

Despite the advantages of

, the second section, the England team is still reluctant to relax, with the Jack Richardson20 penalty free throw, the score was pulled up to 4 to 1 England lead. Both players defensive counterattack in the game, trying to use the other horses out of line with the ball. >