2017 is the most worthy of attention of the 5 deep learning startups

2016, artificial intelligence has become the mainstream. Google (micro-blog) CEO Sandahl · Pichai (Sundar Pichai) even believe that science and technology industry will be the "mobile priority" to "artificial intelligence".

Apple will be artificial intelligence technology used in iPhone, Google will use this technology for Pixel phones. Facebook message flow in the form of artificial intelligence, and Microsoft Word also uses artificial intelligence. Samsung’s acquisition of artificial intelligence startups Viv, in order to catch up with Apple’s Siri. Skype and Messenger messaging applications have also integrated artificial intelligence chat robot.

in the field of artificial intelligence, a large part of the study focused on the depth of learning. Deep learning technology uses large amounts of data to train artificial neural networks, so that the neural network has the ability to deal with new data. Over the past 5 years, more and more in-depth learning start-up companies are rising.

2016, the chip giant Intel acquired deep learning hardware and software developer Nervana, and enterprise software company Salesforce acquired MetaMind, the development of deep learning software can quickly handle a large number of pictures and text. Nervana and MetaMind have boarded the VentureBeat’s most noteworthy in 2015 to study the depth of entrepreneurial companies list. At the same time, boarded the 2016 list of startups are full speed ahead.

below is the most noteworthy in 2017 5 deep learning startups:

1, Bay Labs

startup companies are trying to use deep learning techniques to deal with medical images, and Bay Labs is one of them. There are a number of engineering talent team in the company, including the Google Project Loon project in John Metz (Johan Mathe) ·. Facebook artificial intelligence research group director Yan en · Lekun (Yann LeCun) has been invested in the start-up companies, and other investors include Khosla Ventures.

2, Cerebras Systems

Cerebras is a mysterious entrepreneurial company leader is Andrew · Feldman (Andrew Feldman). He had his own small Server Co SeaMicro to $334 million price to sell to