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"2" anti corruption notice four starring in desire Exhibition Hong Kong flavor Sina entertainment news crime action movie "2" anti-corruption storm today released the "money pit" theme poster, four starring Louis Koo, Julian Cheung [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Zhou Yumin, [micro-blog], Ada Choi [micro-blog] in a symbol of wealth and desire, gold bullion chips, dollars, credit card into the abyss, behind every element of wealth implies that everyone’s different personality and identity, the mystery, criticism and ingenious design of the film’s desire for money is perfectly revealed. Also announced the Cantonese version of "storm" behind the people notice, to meet a lot of people want to see a strong desire to restore the Cantonese version, authentic Hong Kong flavor, so fans hooked. "2" anti-corruption storm by Raymond Wong [micro-blog] producer, directed by Lin Delu, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Zhou Yumin, Ada Choi, Chen Jing, Sheng Jun and Bowie Lam [micro-blog] co starred in September 15th Mid Autumn Festival, will visit the national cinema. The "three a" money "in the abyss" lost four wealth secret elements role the mystery behind the "money abyss" posters, gold bars, chips, dollars, credit cards were arranged in a crisscross pattern wealth abyss, the wealth of the thickness represents the abyss, because more money desire and greed of wealth will be the thickness of the thicker the abyss is more deep, symbolizing the sin of the deep layers, reveals the film criticism money theme, thought-provoking. Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Zhou Yumin and Ada Choi emerge in money abyss, split in the money in the gully, deeper and deeper. This indicates that they will lose their self recognition, in the temptation of money? Or will you struggle to escape the abyss? "2" at the end of the anti-corruption storm will give the answer. Different elements in the poster also symbolize the story behind each character. The highest value of the bullion as a global currency, represent the authority and rule, which is played with Louis Koo ICAC senior executive with identity, he is calm authority, is representative of the high IQ, overall control; while Julian Cheung played the police gambling with decadence, homicide years of mediocrity, and chips is the representative of casino currency, have high stability, suggesting that Julian Cheung’s fate; Zhou Yumin as the occupation killer, pay attention to occupation rules, money work, and the international criminal group preferred dollars to become the best choice, represents the wealth, unconstrained and black transactions; and as the only female, Ada Choi played a high IQ woman, quick thinking, high quality credit card be a brilliant man of wide learning, and most of her characters with elegant temperament. Cantonese version to meet the Hong Kong audience "authentic" trigger nostalgic frenzy as a pure blood of the Hongkong crime action movie, "continued attention and look forward to 2" anti-corruption storm has been the subject of Hong Kong, Hong Kong fans, fans and fans have been looking forward to be able to get a feel with thick "Hong Kong flavor" of the "anti-corruption Storm 2" want to hear, starring Cantonese speaking voice is also more and more high. To this end, the film side customized Cantonese version of "storm behind" people notice, so that fans can see it in advance about the Cantonese version of the true feelings brought. Trailer Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Cai less.相关的主题文章: