1When the school Hengda football Xuanshuai country! A football Marshal built information system|When the school Hengda football Xuanshuai country! A football Marshal built information system

When the school Hengda football Xuanshuai country! A football Marshal established information system reference Xuanshuai football Hengda? [exclusive] heavy! Perrin dismissed the football association or the need to pay 3 months salary 2016 new year, China football first event, Perrin class. The news came out, people clapped and cheered, as if to get rid of the biggest cancer China football. However, only a year ago, we are still for the Chinese team at the Asian Cup three consecutive victories rejoiced, and Perrin on the hands and the Savior of the high. This is the fate of a coach occupation, scores can look up, not only the performance by. However, China football coaching time, still let people won’t listen to reason. As anybody can see. In last year’s home draw with Hong Kong, away defeat to Qatar, Perrin has lost control of the team, that is when is the best time to coaching. If you make a prompt decision win against Perrin, probably no later Chinese football nor underworld, early dead. But the football world never assume that the Football Association missed the best time, only to swallow the bitter pill. From the point of view of the World Cup qualifying situation, the Chinese team to want to qualify the negligible probability, besides itself must be two game winning streak and won a great victory, but also hope other teams also appears to have a favourable outcome for themselves. So hopeless situation and epigenetic moment, has been shown to fail Perrin, obviously not suitable candidates for a last ditch with the players, even for a local coach a temporary replacement, the whole team of heart qi and momentum will be more. Of course, in the long run, China football still need a truly international top coach to save. In recent years, Lippi and Scolari are proven, world class coach to Chinese football to bring something different. In the upcoming 2016 season, the super coach BIG4 sitting, are world famous. Two former Brazil national team coach Luiz Felipe Scolari and manor, respectively, palm prints, and Luneng Hengda, Hong Kong is the former England coach Sven Goran Eriksson, upcoming Huanshuai Beijing Guoan, coached the Italian giants Alberto Zaccheroni. Club managers are so strong, it is clear that Perrin such a small role is unable to convince the public. He ever wanted to do the final struggle, even put forward the beginning of the year went to Dubai’s plan, but the plan has not yet been made public, it was consistent with the club resisted. This is the club and the national team coach in different levels caused by the most direct phenomenon. Just think, if the national football coach Lippi is such a champion coach, who dare to question his instructions from or not? Cai Zhenhua said that the China team target for the future, will be the international marshal. But embarrassing is that once the March World Cup team Chinese completely out, any international marshal is willing to take over? For the national team, the highest index is always the world cup, but from the next World Cup qualifier of 1812 and more than three years of time, like Lippi, Luiz Felipe Scolari so close to retirement age of Marshal, is obviously can’t wait for the day. As for the younger children in the absence of Marshal, consumption contest task team who China golden age who wants to be a coaching career? So, China football seemingly decisive move, in fact, not too early but too late. If three months ago in Chinese resolutely change, there is a big team out.