1Wenzhou two thousand houses facing 20 years of land use. The Sohu news|Wenzhou two thousand houses facing 20 years of land use. The Sohu news

Wenzhou two thousand sets of housing faces 20 years land use Doomsday – Sohu News "land use permit expires, forced the suspension of commercial housing secondary market transactions, how to do?" Recently, Zhejiang Province Wenzhou Municipal lady selling experience, exposed the our country commercial housing land use certificate expires after how to renewal of major issues. Wenzhou urban residents have introduced last year, the city of Wenzhou people on the steep Gate community continues to reflect the expiration of the land use certificate, but did not cause the attention of the relevant departments, and even everywhere". Until recently, the seriousness of this problem has been uncovered. Wenzhou City land resources departments relevant person in charge told the China Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter, Wenzhou City, the main scope of 20 years period land use permits to 2017 expires at the end of more than 600 cases to 2019 expires at the end of more than 1700 cases. Wenzhou has become the country’s first housing land use permit maturity of the city. According to the city’s land and Resources Department official said, Wenzhou part of the housing 20 years of land use permits expired, has attracted the attention of the Ministry of land and resources. Ministry of land and resources in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the timely reporting of the situation. April 18th morning, the Wenzhou municipal government has been listening to the Wenzhou 20 years of land use certificates due to the special work report. Two sets of second-hand housing transactions is the expiration of the land use card die watercore residential district is a district in Wenzhou City Lucheng District century 1990s development, Ms. Qi lived in the Residential District Yu Group Park 3 building a house. Around the second-hand housing transactions, she and her husband tired. This set of about 58 square meters of second-hand housing, they negotiated with the buyers of the transaction price is about 680 thousand yuan. After the two sides to Lucheng District administrative examination and Approval Service Center for the transfer of real estate certificates, holding the relevant formalities to land and resources window handle land use permits transfer, but was told "not accept", the reason is this house land use permits in March 2016 4 expiry date. Accreditation is blocked, they came to Wenzhou City Land Resources Bureau Lucheng Branch Advisory, get answer is according to the existing laws and regulations need to pay land leasing, the standard is construction area multiplied by the local floor price. According to the local community Shuixin floor price of 6000 yuan square meters, pay 348 thousand yuan to the set of 58 square meters of housing. Make Ms. Qi dilemma is that this set of house property card transfer to buyers, but no land use permits, buyers money to buy a house I can’t get it to the real; the seller to sell the house, but do not land use permits transfer procedures, it impossible to carry out the transaction, to the seller and the buyer have caused damage. In Henghe, the main city of Wenzhou North Village 4 Ms. Wang had a similar experience. She was ready to sell a 75.17 square meters of the house, the new purchase of a set of residential improvement. As a result, the seller and the buyer are ready to go through the formalities, the housing land use certificates to open a look: the land use is to March 4, 2016 years. The old house is not sold out, the new house is not available. "We don’t have a normal life." Ms. Wang said. The same building to do a different number of years of land use permit Ms. Wang told China Green Power