1The U.S. concerns about the use of special Chinese vessels in the South China Sea in the interpretat|The U.S. concerns about the use of special Chinese vessels in the South China Sea in the interpretat

U. S. concerns China of using special boat Zhang Zhaozhong interpretation of inside information in the South China Sea: Chinese maritime police vessel "future U.S. warships in the South China Sea near execution ‘freedom of navigation" tasks, may and China Sea meet is not the gray warships of gray warships, but what we call’ white ship ‘or’ cabbage ship ‘(refers to the use of fishing boats, fishery, ocean surveillance ship and other layers along the surrounding reefs deployment) ". Okun, commander of the U. S. seventh fleet 15 claimed China Construction reefs stop military action the United States warships and aircraft cruise in the South China Sea, and to make a fuss concerns China "cabbage strategy" Declaration of sovereignty. In the U. S. President Barack Obama and ASEAN leaders informal meeting on the 15th official opening, Okun’s sidelines has attracted the attention of the media. Many Chinese scholars accept the "Global Times" interview that the United States this claim is for its involvement in the South China Sea issue campaign. Chinese military scholar Li Jie quoted Chinese Admiral Wu Shengli said, "we never will seek the militarization of the island, but will never fortification, defense facilities, much depends on our threatened." Chinese military commentator Zhang Zhaozhong 16 days to accept the "Global Times" reporter, said that Nansha, Xisha, Zhongsha Islands are Chinese territory. In the territory of China, the implementation of a defensive military strategy in China can be used in various ways. Zhang Zhaozhong said that Chinese fishing vessels in the territorial waters of China navigation, fishery, marine police power of administrative enforcement in China, these ships in China’s territorial waters enforcement, do not need other people to make irresponsible remarks.