1The Russian withdrawal of fixed wing aircraft, but the deployment of armed helicopter in Syria|The Russian withdrawal of fixed wing aircraft, but the deployment of armed helicopter in Syria

Russia to withdraw fixed wing aircraft, but in Syria deployed helicopter gunships Author: laugh dream March 17, journalist Ilya & middot; kramnik in the Russian Embassy in Damascus, the Syrian Latakia Hector Mei Ming (khmeimim) airbase shooting Russian fighter bombers leave live, occasionally captured a frame model of Russian card – 52 "short lip crocodile" (No. "red 79") armed helicopters delivered to the base. From the pictures, this is a frame demolition of the rotor, cockpit covered the Ka-52 is obviously transported by large transport aircraft, also is in the transport state, not assembled. Tactical numbers for "red 79" the Ka-52 helicopters are transported to hector Mei Ming Air Force Base March 12 days later, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russian in Syria’s main mission has been completed, agreed to the main Russian aerospace forces to withdraw from the Syrian, in order to promote Syrian lasting ceasefire agreement reached. At the same time, Putin also said that after consultation with the Syrian leader Assad, agreed to continue to maintain the Russian Air Force facilities in syria. Russian aerospace forces after the withdrawal of the main, in Syria Hector Mei Ming Air Force Base retained several aircraft tactical reconnaissance aircraft and about 1000 Russian soldiers, to keep in the presence of the Syrian military, supervision by the parties to the civil war in Syria the ceasefire. Picture: reporter when shooting SU-24 "swordsman" fighter bombers left Hector Mei Ming air force base, found behind the arrival card – 52 armed helicopter in view of this, the plane late Ka-52 helicopter gunships should attributed to the ranks of "several aircraft tactical reconnaissance aircraft". With the withdrawal of Russian forces, continue to stay in Hector Mei Ming air force base is more lean forces. On the one hand to to show Russia in Syria continue to exist, to influence domestic politics after the entry into force of the civil war in Syria the ceasefire agreement to; on the other hand the army to enough force, able to guarantee security in the Syrian troops. Picture: fighting in Syria meters -8AMTSh attack transport helicopter to install the Vitebsk system, pay attention to short wingtip and belly of the photoelectric probe in this case, armed helicopters would be a better choice. Actually, the Russian military has been in Hector Mei Ming AFB deployed helicopter gunships, including 35 meters in some upgrade and some rice -24P "hind" hind helicopter gunships, and some for combat search and rescue operations (CSAR) of rice -8AMTSh attack transport helicopters. Among them, the outside has been involved in the performance of found new Vitebsk electronic reconnaissance and counter system search and rescue work of meters -8AMTSh attack transport helicopter, in response to the may appear the MANPADS attacks. Last November 24, Russian SU-24 "swordsman" fighter bomber was Turkish F-16C Fighting Falcon fighters shot down event, one aircraft to perform a CSAR mission of meters -8AMTSh attack transport helicopter was shot down the opposition armed Turkmen brigade, was immediately tow anti tank missile strike destroyed, causing casualties of more than the Russian soldiers. A aircraft perform CSAR mission of meters -8AMTSh attack transport helicopter be opposition armed Turkmen brigade shot down in early January 15 this year.