1The mayor of Beijing, five hundred yuan of corruption, Yuan Shikai was shot|The mayor of Beijing, five hundred yuan of corruption, Yuan Shikai was shot

Republic of China Beijing Mayor corruption 500 yuan, Yuan Shikai was shot [Abstract] punish Wang Zhixin, is not merely a gesture to problems and political ties. Yuan Shikai was condemned by later generations is his emperor. Yuan’s move to let the world heart shock, feel the old China to jump out of the circle of the monarchy is not easy. In fact, apart from the emperor, Yuan Shikai witnessed the corruption is also worth thinking about. The Yuan emperor made 83 days, it had announced the abolition of the monarchy. Yuan’s move, more than a lot of ancient emperors. After all, is a politician who has been affected by new things. "Demise" appearance of a lot of the history of the emperor against the sound continuously, but not a resignation, only a knife in the neck and assumed, extremely reluctant to "the way." And the firm position of the emperors, unscrupulous enrichment, murder, earth is bleeding drift scull Ren, Ren living cross being trampled, et al. Domestic violence overturned the emperor’s chair to stop. Mr. Tong in the late Qing Dynasty in 70 years, deals with the monarchy movement said: "Yuan Gongzhi, unfortunately, he did not do the emperor, but the back of the name of the emperor." This is a concentrated, general discourse, refers to the emperor Yuan Shikai complex trajectory. "Yuan Shikai biography, the Yuan emperor facilitator is roughly divided into five kinds of people: Yuan’s eldest son D.C. Berliner, intended to obtain sign a prince, Datong pseudo bearing; the Qing Dynasty’s old bureaucrat, intended to Hou Ergonger, seek praying Sun Rongjue; three Manchu close minister, intended to promote the yuan failure, to clear as the point; fourth, vice president Li Yuanhong wings, intended to depression yuan in unrighteousness, hope Li to be the successor to the president; five for Japan, Britain, Russia, intended to promote China to fall apart, the permanent depression poorness and backwardness of the situation, to maintain the interests of China and East Asia hegemony and carve up China’s conspiracy. Use these words as a footnote to the sentence in the words of Mr. Tang, perhaps not as inappropriate. Yuan’s emperor, although complex, disease node i’m afraid Mr. Tong in the Yuan’s uggs "analysis, Yuan Shikai" unintentional act in accordance with the law, give up the real power, the implementation of real cabinet system. As for those things, in the analysis of the text of the yuan, the share is not large. Although it is not significant and stable than emperor, but related, any time, any society have to do. Not only so, from which we can see the measures of different political figures. Yuan Shikai in Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China have and punishing corruption entanglement, officialdom bizarre, not by people of the bureaucratic corruption bow thinking. In 1908, Ci Xi and Guangxu died. Because the Guangxu emperor without an heir, heir to the oceans, the eldest son of Puyi succession to the throne, Xuantong emperor, in the oceans has also been granted for the supervision of State Regents and the royal government. Yuan Shikai is located at the chancellor of the exchequer, bought a lot of imperial court, for example, yikuang. Said, in the oceans has been to Zhusha Yuan Shikai, is to avenge his brother emperor. On the other hand, as regent must remove the obstacles of Yuan Shikai and yourself, you are able to wield great power. However, killing is easy, but the reason must be properly. How to wear a top hat. What Yuan Shikai, Feng spent some effort. Had wanted to kill Yuan Shikai on corruption charges, but I think it is not feasible. Regardless of the past, kill a economy there is a serious problem of officials, is bound to implicated outstanding number of corrupt officials, like Yikuang such veteran minister No.