1Russian Defense Ministry building fire friends Tucao how to defend the motherland – the Sohu Militar|Russian Defense Ministry building fire friends Tucao how to defend the motherland – the Sohu Militar

The Russian Defense Ministry building fire users Tucao how to defend the motherland – Sohu Military Channel original pictures: the Russian Defense Ministry on the morning of September 3, fire. Text with map: users Tucao the Russian Defense Ministry fire. Xinhua news agency, Moscow, April 3, is located in the Russian capital of Moscow, the Russian Defense Ministry building 3 am fire, burned area of 3500 square meters. At present, the fire is gradually being controlled, there is no report of casualties in the fire. According to the notice issued by the Russian Ministry of emergency situations, Moscow time on the day of 10 am (Beijing time 15), the Russian Ministry of defense building fire fire first in the second layer, quickly spread to other floors. After the fire, about 50 people were evacuated, so far has not yet found casualties. Preliminary survey results show that the fire caused by the building internal circuit failure. Reporters on the scene saw the Russian Defense Ministry buildings filled with smoke, fire personnel at the scene extinguishing fire, the fire is gradually under control. According to field staff, the day of the day of strong wind weather in Moscow, as well as the Department of defense of the wooden floor of the building contributed to the fire. Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry dispatched more than and 250 people and 72 units involved in the fire fighting. The Russian Defense Ministry building in Moscow Znamenka Street No. 19, has a long history, has repeatedly reconstruction. In the Soviet period, the Revolutionary Military Commission, the Soviet Union and the Department of defense and the Soviet defense ministry has successively in this office.