1Omen Hundreds of crows in the United States, Michigan, along the railway line of death (Figure) – th|Omen Hundreds of crows in the United States, Michigan, along the railway line of death (Figure) – th

Omen? Hundreds of crows in the United States Michigan along the railway line of death (Figure) – the new network in the new network in March, 21, according to foreign media reports, the United States recently occurred in Michigan animal collective death. About 300 crows died suddenly, and even more bizarre, their bodies were still lined up near the train tracks ". At present, the authorities are investigating the cause of the death of the crow. Reported that the incident occurred in Michigan, Springfield, people last week alarm, said in next to the train tracks found crow "corpse road stretches over 100 meters, it is estimated that up to 300 crow died. Crow’s body is mainly concentrated in the middle of the tracks on the stone floor, there are sporadic bodies scattered on the ground near the tracks, or just on the tracks. There are people taking pictures uploaded to the Internet, saying that something is wrong". But biologists believe that this incident can not rule out the possibility of practical joke is, crow may be killed by a train. Biologists say, do not know the crow was killed before anything happens, need to figure out why they would fly into the train route, and no to avoid the train. Reported that this is the second time since a month in Michigan, the collective death of the train tracks in the railway tracks. The last event in crow has been injured and fractures, so people think they are killed by a train. The authorities will dissect the crow, to determine whether they are poisoned.