1Li Guangyao, the first anniversary of the death of all walks of life in Singapore (Figure) – the new|Li Guangyao, the first anniversary of the death of all walks of life in Singapore (Figure) – the new

Li Guangyao, the first anniversary of the death of all walks of life in Singapore (Figure) – the new network in the new network in March 24 power comprehensive report, 23 this month is the first anniversary of the death of former Prime Minister of Singapore Li Guangyao days. The country’s prime minister Li Xianlong Memorial together at a cabinet meeting before the start of the leadership of the cabinet. Lee Hsien Loong of the formed after the general election in September 2015 team said: "turn our this generation, which will guide us chase Mr. Lee’s individual lifelong pursuit of the rainbow — in order to establish an extraordinary country, and improve the lives of all the people." Lee Hsien Loong day is full of historical significance of Singapore cabinet room (cabinet room): short speeches, after cabinet with a minute of silence. Lee said: "nearly half a century, we in the boardroom discussion and decision-making level, and any part of the world a cabinet room, is the drow extraordinary." Lee pointed out that Lee Kuan Yew, clear thinking, often reminds the cabinet decision before to trace to its source, in the reversed course on the occasion, clearly the historical origin and environment factors. In spite of his candid views, he is often encouraged to hold a different view of the minister to actively discuss their own position, and to be open to listen to the state of mind. Singapore parliamentary hall is Lee Kuan Yew political life of another important coordinates, the country’s current and retired members of Congress 23, gathered in the old parliament house the Singapore’s oldest public building together to commemorate the Lee Kuan Yew, including and Lee Kuan Yew with the first session of the National Congress former cabinet minister Wang Bangwen (University of science and Technology Beijing) and easy runtang etc.. Organizers specially in the middle of the Lee Hsien Loong and Deputy Prime Minister and national security coordinating minister Teo Chee Hean seat vacated a seat, and put up a bunch of "Lee Kuan Yew Dragonfly Vanda" (Aranda, Lee Kuan Yew). A memorial speech, Lee Kuan Yew, former member of Parliament long Abdullah and former Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng couldn’t help choking, as solemn Memorial will add a touch of sadness. Singapore culture, community, youth and sports minister MS grace Fu speech said that Singapore in 2015 bid farewell to the Lee Kuan Yew, expression of collective grief, but also to celebrate the 50th anniversary of national independence. "In the next 50 years there will be more critical moments, some will bring joy, some will bring sadness, but it is important that we all the people, unite to face." It is reported that in addition to the Singapore government led memorial activities, the country from all walks of life on the 23rd in the island held different activities, including Chinese sponsored a brisk walk, seminar sponsored by the Lee Kuan Yew School of public policy, a number of grass-roots organizations active tree planting. Li Guangyao lifetime of service to the Tanjong Pagar constituency, on the evening of 23 in the candlelight memory they miss the representative.