1Indonesia called Iran and Saudi Arabia conflict mediation|Indonesia called Iran and Saudi Arabia conflict mediation

Gratified mediation in Indonesia, Iran and Saudi Arabia conflict original title: Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman: Indonesia is willing to act as Iran and Saudi Arabia conflict "facilitator" [global network roundup, according to the Russian "newspaper reported that" on January 12 news, the Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman said, the country may act as mediators of Iran and Saudi Arabia conflict. Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "Indonesia is ready to play its role and is ready to take all necessary measures to maintain peace and stability in the region." Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno and Marr Su Di plan, in the next week visit under the framework of the Middle East and Iran and Saudi Arabia, the leaders of the two countries held talks. January 2nd, the Saudi government announced the execution of 47 people including the famous Shiite Nimir, including the. Iran has strongly condemned the execution of a priest and the outbreak mass protests, including attacks on Saudi Arabia Embassy in Tehran and Mashhad consulate in classes. Saudi foreign minister Adel? Jubail announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Iran. (internship compile: Dong Huanhuan     peer review: Juppe) responsibility editor: Liu Debin SN222