1India to build the world’s third laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory – Sohu news|India to build the world’s third laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory – Sohu news

India proposed the world’s third laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory – Sohu news India said that the construction of the world’s third laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory. Gravitational waves are confirmed to exist, does not mean that the end of the one hundred years of searching, instead, this is the human use of the new senses to explore the starting point of the universe. Recently, India said it would build the world’s third laser interferometric gravitational wave observatory (Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory Laser, LIGO). Prior to the two are located in the United states. According to the Hindustan Times "on February 12, reports, Indian Prime Minister modi announced the news soon posting on twitter said said," I hope India can, by virtue of a advanced gravitational wave observatory to make greater contribution. " At present, the United States, the two laser interference instrument gravitational wave observatory respectively by two L shaped interferometer composed, a plane in Washington, the Hanford (Hanford), another plane is located in Louisiana, Livingston (Livingston), each frame interference instrument each interferometer arm length is 2.5 miles (4 km). Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have entered the list of the experiment of Hou Xuanbang. By 2022, India will become in the understanding of Einstein’s general theory of relativity play an important role in one of the countries, the report said. However, the project is still waiting for the final approval of the cabinet. It is understood that the India government intends to set up a fund, the project will be more than 15 years of 12 billion 600 million rupees (about 185 million U.S. dollars) of funds to support the project. At present, the India Planning Commission has made clear the project, and the atomic energy sector and the scientific and technological departments have been carried out related research. The report also said that if LIGO really can be put into reality in India, India will be added to the global network of gravitational wave detectors. And the construction of an observatory in India also has important significance, because the distance between these observation stations is further, the higher the accuracy of the gravity wave. In simple terms, gravitational waves is a space-time ripples, like a stone thrown into the water produced corrugated, holes, neutron stellar object in the collision process have may produce gravitational waves. One hundred years ago, Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicted the existence of gravitational waves. It is understood that the study of gravitational waves for the world to find the law of operation has a very important scientific significance, but also greatly promote the development of laser physics and space technology and other fields. In addition to India intends to carry out deeper research in gravitational wave detection, including China, other countries are also in the relevant research work. For example, the European Space Agency in 2000 has announced that in cooperation with the United States to jointly implement the "Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, Lisa)" plan, the total emission of three satellites, a length of 5 million km of giant triangle, between them is connected with each other by laser beams, in space were observed.