1France Euro Cup officially opened the door to line technology in the Champions League for the next s|France Euro Cup officially opened the door to line technology in the Champions League for the next s

French European Cup officially opened the gate line technology for next season in the Champions League popularity – Sohu sports UEFA website screenshot Beijing time January 23, UEFA official sources said yesterday in Nyon, Switzerland headquarters held this year for the first time the UEFA Executive Committee, meeting unanimously decided to let UEFA Secretary General Infantino to participate in the FIFA president election, and giving him 50 million euros in funding. At the same time, the meeting also decided to, the European Championship held in France this summer, will be officially opened the gate line; although the French European Cup began to use technology, but will still be retained bottom line referee, to assist the referee the bobbin thread monitoring area, make the right decision. UEFA disclosed that the supplier on the door line technology, will be published in the appropriate time. As is known to all, in recent years, the world football frequent gate line, for example in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa on the Anglo German war, Frank Lampard’s goal was the referee ignored, then the printing began to call football game should have a goal line technology to determine whether a goal is effective. , of course, in world football’s most famous line unsolved or the Anglo German war, the 1966 World Cup final, the Anglo German war appear controversy, who also don’t know whether the England striker Geoff Hurst shot over the goal line, final referee finds that goal, the three lions in the local lifted the world cup champion. Because the gate line issues frequent, in recent years, the Premier League and other mainstream first began to use the gate line technology, reduce misjudgment. It is worth mentioning that, under UEFA’s three major events – the UEFA, Champions League and UEFA Cup were without the use of goal line technology, in order to keep up with the pace of world football, UEFA official announced that summer France hosted the European Cup will enable the goal line technology and the Champions League with goal line technology time in 2016 season 17; as for the UEFA Cup. The tournament enabled goal line technology is from 2017 18 season began. (nineteen)