1Five basic criteria help horse exercise capacity double game talent shows itself|Five basic criteria help horse exercise capacity double game talent shows itself

Five basic rules: help horsy sport ability multiplication competition come to the fore horse daily training using the basic rules in the science, can strengthen the sport ability of your horses. A good athlete is always looking for ways to increase his strengths, to surpass his opponents in the game. Usually, by using the knowledge of exercise physiology, we can find the method to increase the advantage. From energy metabolism to joints, tendons and ligaments movement kinematics and mechanics, if can improve the use of exercise physiology assistance, regardless of the horses in the race performance, relationship of fatigue and recovery time, increase physical health and so on can get good response. If you want to delve into the thousands of the sports medicine books is very tiring, here can supply you with the five basic and effective criteria, so that you can be applied in the training of horses every day you, let your horse’s athletic ability to the floor. These five criteria, which belong to the theory of comprehensive normality, can be used as an important reference in your training program. The important point is that these guidelines apply only to health status good horses, at the same time before changing your training program or breeding programs, please with your veterinarian discussed. Such a change is suitable for your horses. The physiological system overload the theory of horses can by increasing its resistance to external pressure, and via the pressure to improve their own resistance, to prepare to fight the future may be subject to greater pressure. This is called "overload theory" theory overload". The body can be regarded as a kind of pressure, because it needs more energy consumption than usual life activities. Every time the horse movement, it will gradually adapt to the body every little bit, by enhancing their resistance until the body itself will be the energy consumption of this movement as a normal. At this time, the body will not be the degree of exercise when it is pressure, but as a normal life activities. Although this is only a very simple concept, but the horses can adapt to a variety of different types of pressure, including the types of movement, the frequency of movement and the intensity of movement. The ability to adapt to overload pressure is produced when the ability to adapt to the overload pressure is at rest. Of course, in you the horse’s training course, something must be forced horses to challenge higher level of performance, in the middle of the course development, need time to let the horse’s body to rest in order to enhance the horse’s ability to adapt to the training intensity. The rest of the time depends on the intensity and pattern of the training course, which may be from a few days to a week, or even longer. In the process of adapting to the development of the horse, the moderate free movement of the horse, the mild step and the extension of the muscle will be helpful. But if you give a stronger training at this time, it will cause injury or excessive training. The horse is not a human athlete. It is very clear that the physical pain or fatigue, or the rider is not sensitive enough to know the condition of the horse. Of course the horse won’t tell us it has been restored, but we can use it.