19VR live not far away! 442 you watch the Champions League broadcast behind the scenes – Sports Sohu|VR live not far away! 442 you watch the Champions League broadcast behind the scenes – Sports Sohu8

VR live not far away! 442 you watch the Champions League broadcast behind the scenes – Sohu sports with the progress of technology and business development of football has been rapid development in recent years. In the Super League as an example, under normal circumstances, a game about 12 cameras, if it is the focus of the game will increase as Feimao and ultra high speed camera and other special equipment. 6 years ago, the World Cup finals in South Africa, probably has 30 seats, but at this summer’s European Cup group phase has more than 40 cameras, the knockout is a terrorist. And even now popular VR technology has also been applied to the world of football relay, revolution, is coming. We can enjoy the game was the Champions League at the highest level, the "442" magazine with BT sports (BT Sport) a focus of the war into the Champions League group phase, is Barcelona at Manchester City broadcast the game scene, as we uncover the mystery of live football. The story begins when Manchester City and Barcelona two hours before the start of the game, when the reporter arrived at the scene of the 442 broadcast of British Telecommunications sports staff have already started a busy job. The team has more than 50 people, as the right carrier, who is responsible for making the international signal of the game, and then transmitted to the world by satellite. "The number of international media coming tonight is more than Manchester City and Real Madrid Champions League semi-final last season," said Steven, head of the UK’s sports broadcast live. – Cook is the tour guide. "It also shows the influence of Barcelona and Guardiola." Ferdinand’s analysis we were taken to provide a signal broadcast car is BT Sport himself, Cook climbed the stairs and open the door of the truck, but immediately returned. "Well, we seem to bother Ferdinand, he’s playing a game," Cook said with a smile. "We have to go through the other door." When we came in from the other side of the van, Ferdinand was found in a corner of the car talking about the footage on the screen. These are the pre analysis of video, at 7 pm local time BT Sport will begin to live in the studio, game analysis is one of the important links. This is done to ensure that Rio released a video through our best to express his own views." Obvan director Ali tebi explained, "tonight’s topic is how to beat Barcelona manchester." "This is responsible for the host and guests like the truck, in charge of analyzing all before and during and after the game," said Cook, "that you see in the pictures on television, such as Lineker and Ferdinand discuss the picture are transferred out of this car." Live production of the next station is responsible for the relay of the game, which is the core of the entire broadcast, it is responsible for the game screen transmission to the major broadcasters. "7:45 after kick-off all what happens on the pitch can be seen here," Cook said. Looking ahead, all are a small screen, here is the camera screen transfer.