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19 year old student missing for several days in the river was found dead the original title: Yancheng is a 19 year old student missing for several days in the river were found dead site map of Modern Express News (reporter Jiang Zhenjun) in October 31st, in a river in the south of Yancheng City District, the cleaning staff found a male corpse. According to the police preliminary confirmation, the 19 year old college student is missing for several days. Modern Express reporter learned that the college students studying in Yancheng preschool teachers college. According to insiders, in the morning at about 10, under a light rain outside, in the south of Zhongjiang District of Jiefang Road city of the Bund area at the entrance of the cleaning staff, as usual in the rubbish in the river, he suddenly found a floating corpse, frightened the cleaning staff immediately reported to the police. Soon, the police reached the scene of personnel to remove the bodies, that is a near University missing for several days in college students, after the bodies were carried away by police. Modern Express reporter from the pictures provided by users noted that in a full of green on the ground, pulled up the cordon, more than the police at the scene to carry out the investigation, several men wrapped the body to carry out the transfer. "There is a big hole in the head, back with multiple wounds, suspected of being killed postmortem, the body full of moisture absorption to the surface of the"…… Shortly after the incident, the local Yancheng began crazy pass, many users do not know the truth began to guess the cause of death of the deceased. However, so far, schools and police have not responded to this. Modern Express reporter learned that the deceased was enrolled in Yancheng preschool teachers college. On the afternoon of November 1st, the office of the school and the Propaganda Department staff have confirmed that this matter, but the specific circumstances inconvenience, the need to understand the police. "Online rumors can not be trusted, please the majority of people do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors." Local police told the modern express reporter, said the deceased 19 year old, is a freshman in Yancheng normal school for young children, his hometown in the District of salt. "The student has been away from school for several days, and the school and the parents have already reported to the police." Police said the deceased’s family has now arrived at the school, the police are investigating the cause of death. Editor: Zhang Xiaofei相关的主题文章: