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A sudden death of a doctor: talk about sports safety – a doctor at a hospital in Beijing, Sohu health, participated in a mass of fast walking, sudden death on the road! Only more than and 40 years old……. It is understood that the doctor took part in the exercise a few days before suffering from a cold". The heart of the human body is like an electric appliance, and the information between the cells of the heart muscle is transmitted by biological electricity……. So, "insisted that victory" this does not apply to the human body, when you feel uncomfortable, do not insist, especially the "cold", never despise! "Cold" if you do not pay attention to rest will induce myocarditis, myocarditis will induce fatal arrhythmia"……. Marathon has a sudden death every year to complete a marathon, is considered a symbol of health. However, almost every year there are reports about the sudden death of marathon runners, this year’s Guangzhou marathon, a 21 year old student in the game of sudden death. Statistics show that the marathon, the probability of sudden death of the players for every 100 thousand people in the occurrence of 0.8. What matters should be noted when moving? How to master the appropriate exercise intensity? Each person is different in physique, can bear the load is also different, find suitable for their activity intensity and activity, exercise will be more safe and effective. More effective to promote health, the need for moderate intensity activities, such as brisk walking, upstairs, mopping the ground, each activity should be in 1000 steps or more than 10 minutes. According to their own feelings to determine the intensity of exercise, moderate intensity activities, you will feel the heartbeat and breathing speed up; hard, but not difficult; can continue to speak with the rhythm of breathing, but can not sing. Generally healthy people can also exercise heart rate to control the intensity of exercise, which can be measured immediately after the exercise pulse 10 seconds, and then multiplied by 6. Moderate intensity exercise heart rate should generally reach 150- age (Times), in addition to better physical fitness, exercise heart rate should not be more than 170- years (sub minutes). If you are 40 years old, then your exercise heart rate should be controlled between 110 minutes to 130 minutes. For the elderly, such a heart rate calculation is not necessarily applicable, should be based on their physical fitness and exercise to determine the intensity of feeling. The original name of the original business card (the whole network rights function by the "rights Knight"; reprint please contact me. WeChat search: yang-jin-kui)