18How to play Guo Shiqiang in the happy worry luxury backcourt this hand|How to play Guo Shiqiang in the happy worry luxury backcourt this hand4

How to play Guo Shiqiang in the happy worry luxury backcourt this hand? Guo Ailun and most of the time at the same time in the field of the public from the number of "Pan sports", "black afraid of the king," the comeback of the. In November 13th, CBA League sixth Liaoning team home court against the Jilin team during the finals last season, the fight was suspended 4 games Liaoning defender Guo Ailun, in the first quarter at the end of his battle. He won the applause with a three ball. Because of the physical and athletic state has not yet fully recovered, eventually, Guo Ailun got 10 points, Liaoning team 115 to 102 win over the opponent. CBA regular season is only 38 rounds, the team to compete for the playoffs in the seat of the 8, all teams must start from the first round to go all out in the 20 round. Like the Liaoning team in the championship team, the regular season ranking the better, in order to get home court advantage in the playoffs. In this case, has always been to the famous Liaoning team this many generals and ample soldiers have inherent advantages. But the start of the season, 3 players were suspended because of Li Xiaoxu, Achilles tendon rupture, Liaoning coach Guo Shiqiang is too tight in the aspect of. However, after the 6 round, Liaoning scored a record of 5 wins and 1 losses. What is this? In addition to Liaoning two foreign aid Randolph, Hodson play well, the role of Liaoning in the same team can not be ignored by the. In the absence of Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei became the first point guard. Zhao Jiwei waited 3 years for this day. From U16 U17 to U19 Yaqingsai, World Youth Championship, Zhao Jiwei grow steadily. 2013~2014 season, Zhao Jiwei stood on the stage of CBA. Rookie season, Zhao Jiwei played 32 games, the presence of all the minutes of the play time, contributed 3.2 points and 1.1 assists, the performance of the temperature is not fire. Indeed, Liaoning guard line is a galaxy of talents like Hodson, top foreign aid, and the first local defender Guo Ailun, and the old captain Yang Ming Bryant, newcomer Zhao Jiwei is difficult to get more playing time. 2014~2015 season, Zhao Jiwei’s playing time was reduced to 8.3 minutes. After the season, Zhao Jiwei only played 3 times, because of shoulder injury recurrence and season reimbursement. As the saying goes, gold will always shine. Although the League Limited playing time, Zhao Jiwei has entered the Chinese men’s basketball coach Gong Luming fayan. In May 2015, Zhao Jiwei entered the national team call. He is the youngest player in the national team, less than Guo Ailun, but not with the ratio of Liu Wei, but became the first point guard. 2015 men’s Basketball Championships, Zhao Jiwei played 17.6 minutes, get a score of 2.7 rebounds and 2.5 assists to help the Chinese team after a lapse of 4 years to return to the top of asia. Zhao Jiwei in the organization of talent has been appreciated and teammate Gong luming. From the national team back to Liaoning, Guo Shiqiang think Zhao Jiwei changed a lot. First 5 league games, Zhao Jiwei averaged 27.9 minutes, averaging 10.8 points, 4.8 assists and 1.8 steals, the game ranked first in assists local guard. "In the first 5 rounds, whether it’s defense or offense,"