17Yaodao ridicule testicular surgery I dedicate to the right of the balls to Spurs – Sports Sohu|Yaodao ridicule testicular surgery I dedicate to the right of the balls to Spurs – Sports Sohu5

Yaodao testicular surgery: I dedicate ridicule on the right side of the egg to Spurs –   sports Sohu; Beijing on October 28th news, from the "Sanantonio express" reported that the acceptance of Tang – Harris interview the day before, the Spurs veteran Manu – Ginobili was self ridicule in February this year to accept testicular surgery, said their dedication on the right side of the "egg" to the spurs. In Manu view, testicular injury and surgery, which is definitely the most painful experience of his life. In the face of the questions, the play of American humor, "I put my right balls to the Spurs," Manu said, "I can say, I can say that this is true!" Manu was injured in February 4th against the pelican, that was his groin Ryan Anderson’s knee, then Manu covered his vitals collapsed on the ground. Manu has opened his fifteenth year NBA career, when the pain is difficult to forget, Manu said, this is the highest level of pain". In March, Ginobili once said: "usually this kind of thing happens, it will hurt for a while, after 3 minutes will be nothing. But 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 1.5 minutes, 1 hours, the pain is still not diminished. So we went to the clinic and underwent an MRI, and the doctor said, ‘we need surgery, and now.’ When they told me it would take 1-1 and a half months to get back to health, I felt incredible." In March 6th, after the surgery to play back first games, Manu face the king to get the season’s highest personal point of 22. This summer, the 39 year old Ginobili decided to fight for a year, and signed a 1 year contract worth $14 million with spurs. (Jim)