17Manzano will formally respond to the national football coach Gao Hongbo and coach will transfer rumo|Manzano will formally respond to the national football coach Gao Hongbo and coach will transfer rumo1

Manzano will formally respond to the national football coach and coach Gao Hongbo Manzano will transfer rumors morning news reporters Gan Hui yesterday afternoon, China Football Association held a media briefing, according to the national team 0:2 defeat to Uzbekistan, and Gao Hongbo resigned to make the football association president Cai Zhenhua also attended the meeting. At the meeting, the Football Association Manzano was very concerned about the Shenhua fans will be the coach of the national team to clarify matters. China FA full-time Executive Committee, national football team leader Yu Hongchen said, "Manzano is rumored to never contact with Manzano, the football association." The meeting, football association also said, will strive to finalize the new coach within a week, now a week to selected coach, national football coach new hope can be put in place within a week. Xuanshuai also no longer enabled registration form. From the team point of view, I hope to be able to generate new candidates before 20. The new coach of the cycle will be 12 strong matches for the period, does not exclude the possibility of good results after the renewal. The new manager is well known for Chinese football and Asian football and will have a transition with Gao Hongbo after taking office." Said the executive vice president of Football Association Zhang Jian said: "the Chinese football Xuanshuai Xuanshuai work experience and lessons learned in the past, will find in the range of outstanding coaches, familiar with China Asian Football in the Chinese coach or foreign coach is not the key, as long as the best coach, has become the new coach of the possible, specific the standard and Xuanshuai mechanism in the past, the technical committee as Xuanshuai framework for the team, the new coach of professional choice as far as possible." Yesterday, Manzano in the face of the media on the coach of the national inquiry, said, Saturday’s pre match press conference, I will be a formal response to this matter. In fact, I don’t have anything special to say, nothing special." Reporters also asked the club, in today’s team media open day, whether Manzano will be interviewed. The club said, MANSANO will make a formal response on the matter on Saturday before the news conference. 0:2 after the team lost to Uzbekistan, Gao Hongbo at a news conference after the game said: "because the night before and the football association leadership had in-depth exchanges, Chinese soccer association leaders think the problems should be borne by the coach, I understand the meaning of. So the game is over, I’m leaving now." In this regard, in yesterday’s meeting, Cai Zhenhua gave a special Description: never mentioned the resignation of two words, I can say responsibly. Also did not reveal a similar meaning, will not say that you lost the game to resign. Under normal circumstances, I will not commit such a low-level mistakes, after coming back, my wife is also asking me this question, asked me in the end did not say the same words, I said it is impossible. For example, like their children to take the exam, I can not tell the child, if you do not test, it will be like."