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Debbie: Tactical prediction Mourinho or waste core Guardiola 1 Shazhao kuamut war broke out in September 7th (the Tencent sports news MICHAEL COX, author of ESPN) local time on Saturday, the Premier League will be staged in the new season first Manchester derby. In the Premier League, this is Mourinho and Guardiola’s face for the first time; but before this, two people have repeatedly encountered. So in Manchester City Derby war is about to begin the war, we can from the two people before the battle to get what critical information? Both for the Derby war face to leave no stone unturned pass control play the main opponent, Mourinho coping strategies are often very simple, in this kind of game, and he rarely change their tactical deployment. That’s why, for a long time, Mourinho has been able to keep a good record for the best of the best for Wenger. Mourinho made the tactics, almost do not need to make any adjustments. However, Guardiola is not the case. Although Guardiola also has its own complete football philosophy, although he has been eager to take the initiative to attack to beat the opponent, but the Spaniard is more inclined to different rivals to develop different tactics, in order to rout the weakness and win. In December 2011, Barcelona beat Real Madrid 3-1 Guardiola made Mourinho think Barcelona is a service (official website data) will be discharged 4 defense, but in fact Alves Guardiola will position forward, let Puyol to right back, and Busquets at the same time, the defender in two position. That may be the most talented Guardiola before the deployment of the game, when he was undoubtedly a huge victory in the tactical level. And when faced with Guardiola’s team, Mourinho is always more inclined to arrange a more conservative strategic deployment. The 200910 season, the Milan international Mourinho met Guardiola in Barcelona, the madman arrangement defender Cristian Chivu to play left midfield to stop the play of Alves. But in the Real Madrid (data), Mourinho will play against Barcelona to arrange C Ronaldo play center, or play on the right, and arrange a defensive ability, more disciplined players play in the left curb Alves. In addition, who also had special arrangements for Lhasa – Diyala to limit Messi space. In general, Guardiola is always more willing to make more changes, so that the core players under the command of their own to get more space to play; and Mourinho’s change is in order to better defend. On Saturday, the two sides on the tactical level of the contest, I am afraid still can not do without such a theme. Mourinho fears that the core of the waste midfield in the two men at the same time coached Real Madrid, Barcelona, Mourinho and can often encounter in various events. With the increasing number of direct confrontation, Mourinho increasingly found that he seems unable to arrange such a midfield master Mesut Ozil, continue to play his best at the core of the organization 10. In November 2010, Mourinho and Guardiola first encounter in the Spanish National Derby, when people.