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[church] high levels of edible oil does not mean that the high nutrition – Sohu health now, we are more and more rich in food on the table, we also pay more attention to the nutritional value of edible oil. Recently, some "drink oil remedies" in WeChat and other social media spread like wildfire, spread. WeChat circle of friends are so "for scraper, high quality, high grade oil, suggestions for family or children every day so you can use a spoon to drink, brain, health care". So, every day with a spoon to drink oil fly it? The higher the level of oil, the more nutritious? Edible oil also divided into various grades and ranks "according to experts, the first national standard of edible oil were divided into first grade oil and two oil and two grade refining, since the last century technology developed after 70s, it had a" high cooking oil "at this level. High cooking oil refers to the ratio of a higher degree of oil refining oil. Currently on the market some edible oil is super, some are even two, so the higher the level of the higher nutritional value of oil? The higher the grade, the higher the degree of refining. According to experts, before refining the oil are known as "hair oil". China’s edible oil in the national standard provisions of crude oil must be refined, remove the harmful ingredients, such as benzo (a) pyrene, aflatoxin, solvent, pesticide residues, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as some of the impurities such as free fatty acid, gossypol and gum etc.. The "wool oil" can achieve the purpose of removing harmful impurities and preserving many kinds of nutrients through proper refining. Among them, the first oil and two oil refining degree is higher, after degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization and other processes. After refining, the content of harmful components in the one or two grade oil is low, but it is inevitable to lose some of the nutrients. The refining level of three oil and four grade oil is relatively low, only after a simple degumming, deacidification process, resulting in relatively high content of impurities, but largely retain carotene, chlorophyll, vitamin E and other nutrients. Therefore, the industry pointed out that judging the nutritional value of edible oil can not only look at the level, to look at the composition of the edible oil and the quality of limited value. Of course, whether it is an oil or four oil, as long as it meets the national health standards, consumers can rest assured that the use of. The daily intake amount of oil should not exceed 30 grams of oil in recent years, along with the people to understand more and more, many people tend to choose rich in linolenic acid such as linseed oil, perilla oil, or olive oil is rich in oleic acid. For WeChat thermal circle of friends "with a spoon to drink oil" said, experts said, the good fats are oil, parents and children with a spoon to drink oil is easy to drink, daily intake should not exceed 30 grams, the child is so. Oil is pure energy food, every 1 grams can provide 9 thousand calories, and spoon enough to hold at least 10 grams of fat. The expert added that "if the premise does not reduce the consumption of cooking oil and nuts, this part of the heat is added. So too much heat, it will be stored in the form of fat in the body, so it brings us the disadvantages outweigh the benefits." Visible,.