171-6! Neymar Messi scored 10 on Brazil finally pulled one back|1-6! Neymar Messi scored 10 on Brazil finally pulled one back5

1-6! Neymar finally to Messi scored Brazil No. 10 and Messi Neymar scored a small sports reporter reported in the home court 3 + 0 victory over the Argentina team, Brazil South American World Cup teeter 5 straight, up to 24 points, second consecutive round top position. Prior to the 4 fight with Messi, Neymar 1 wins and 3 losses, see Barcelona teammates scored a goal of 6, they are not into a ball. This time, he finally opened Hu, two people have goals than to rewrite 1 than 6, individual national goals are also on the fifty. Since the July 8, 2014 Brazil World Cup semi-final 1 than 7 lost to the German team after the Brazil team after more than two years to return to the Minieran tragedy. 3 to 0 victory over Messi in Argentina, to continue to lead the South American World Cup, plus the Rio Olympics beat Germany won the first gold Olympic history, more than 7 of the 1 massacre articles to turn a child? The first term teeter Brazil team Brazil team took the South American Derby teeter, before the 4 War 4 wins, but his team did not have real enemies. Away 3 0 win Ecuador, 1 wins Columbia 2 home court, home court 5 to 0 victory over Bolivia, away 2 to 0 victory over Venezuela, Bolivia and Venezuela in South America is weak is a fact. Ecuador World Cup opening after the good momentum on the brakes, Brazil and Columbia in the history of confrontation is also less negative and more wins. Historically, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, the three teams are three the most difficult to chew for the Brazil team. Whether it is the host and guest encounter, Brazil team has no absolute grasp to win. The Brazil team was in the fifth war, teeter finally ushered in a battle, the opponent is led by Messi Argentina. After the first half, Argentina began to turn from a guest into a host ball rate, dominant, for home court operations of the Brazil team to sweat. The Afghan war, could guard Messi is the key. Sixth minutes, Phil Nandy Neo header to Messi golf elbow foul, to eat first yellow card of the game. The Champions League group Saiman city at Barcelona, fernandinho area defense fell to the ground, watched Messi goal. Return to the national team, he will again because of their own mistakes banquet? Phil Nandy Neo is a defensive midfielder in Brazil played defense, the most important task, if a foul on Messi, two yellow and one red end, the Brazil team also suffered heavy losses, even to defeat foreshadowing. Fortunately, the Brazil midfielder not only Phil Nandy Neo, as well as ·,, and Augusto and. A war against Argentina, two super players have played well, turns to defend Messi, greatly easing the pressure on Phil Nandy Neo. Coutinho broke the deadlock 12 minutes ago, the Brazil team to control the ball for the time of 38%, Argentina is the number of. Argentina dominate in twenty-third minutes, Messi sent the ball to the corner, the edge of the area of David Villa, Argentina midfielder kick shot, but Brazil goalkeeper Alison’s heroics, Argentina will be the first to break. David Villa should have defended him when Neymar stepped forward. David Villa shot, Neymar realized his mistake and apologized to the coach teeter. However, twenty-fourth minutes, Neymar P