16Ten old Chinese ancestral trick – nourishing health Sohu|Ten old Chinese ancestral trick – nourishing health Sohu9

Ten old Chinese ancestral traditional medicine health nourishing trick – Sohu is magical, the most mysterious lies in the viscera, innate and acquired. Pay attention to the traditional Chinese medicine kidney, so don’t pass on the secret is to all the living kidney maintenance, today together to understand the ten kidney methods recommend the old Chinese medicine. Protect your feet foot warming is a method of nourishing. This is because the kidney from the foot, and the foot is vulnerable to cold invasion. Therefore, pay special attention to the feet warm, sleep do not set foot on air-conditioning or fans; don’t walk barefoot in damp places long. In addition, there are a lot of plantar Yongquan acupoint, such as. "The kidney for springs springs, the heart is full." Every night before going to bed can massage foot Yongquan, massage Yongquan can play the efficacy of nourishing essence. 2 stool unimpeded poor stool, stool stop product, foul air attack, not only make people irritable, chest tightness shortness of breath, but will hurt the kidney, cause lumbar fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Therefore, to maintain smooth stool, also raises the method. Stool hard, available to the dorsum of hands against the kidney area, hard rubbing, can stimulate the kidney qi, accelerated defecation; when walking, with both back massage can alleviate the symptoms of kidney, backache. 3 drinking water nourishing Water is the Source of Life. Water shortage is caused by Zhuodu detention, aggravate the burden of kidney. Therefore, the timing of drinking water is very important for this. 4 do not tolerate urinary bladder in the storage of urine to a certain extent, it will stimulate the nerves, resulting in micturition reflex. It must be timely toilet, pee row clean. Otherwise, the urine will be accumulated water turbidity of the gas, against the kidney. Therefore, when the urine should be discharged in time, one of the best ways also raises the. 5 swallow ferry nourishing oral saliva is divided into two parts: clear dilute is saliva, by spleen main; thick for saliva, by kidney lord. You can do an experiment, the mouth of a saliva spit it out, less than a day, will feel the waist and knees, body fatigue. This in turn shows that swallowing saliva can nourish kidney, the renal protective effects. 6 diet to protect the kidney can have a lot of food. Apart from black sesame, black fungus, black rice, black beans and black food can be nourishing, walnut, leek, shrimp, sheep lumbar can also play the role of nourishing kidney. 7 sleep raises enough sleep for Qi and blood biochemical, kidney maintenance plays an important role. Clinical findings, many patients with renal failure have been too late, excessive fatigue, lack of sleep experience. Therefore, do not stay up late too, develop good habits, Zaoshuizaoqi, is conducive to the maintenance of kidney essence. 8 avoid fatigue, abridgesex heavy physical labor and mental labor by heavy injury of blood, excessive labor room will hurt the fine. Therefore, we must act, a degree of labor, courteous. So it helps to protect the kidney essence nourishing. 9 drugs, whether traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, there are some side effects, some drugs often hurt the kidney..