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Hebei started the new China children Heart Foundation Charity Project – Beijing, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, September 23, (Li Yang) 23, the world heart day eve, by China youth development foundation, the Hebei Provincial Communist Youth League, such as NUSKIN sponsored by the China children heart foundation Yanzhao "heart" hope — such as NUSKIN China children heart foundation charity project launch ceremony was held in Hebei children’s Hospital of Hebei province. On the same day, from Hebei city in Cangzhou Province, the recipients of the child Chen Yujia and his parents came to the scene. This year, 13 year old Chen Yujia was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, but because of family difficulties have not been surgery. His parents in the understanding of the fund will be made after the application for relief, after the success of the application, Chen Yujia soon got surgery. It is reported that each year in Hebei, the new birth of congenital heart disease in children more than 8000 cases, the majority of patients with congenital heart disease complex, high operating expenses so that most poor families struggling. For children with congenital heart disease, poverty of accurate poverty, to poor families to create hope, China QingJiHui such as China children heart foundation will be within 10 years of Hebei Province Youth Foundation donated 5 million yuan, start the implementation of Yanzhao "heart" I hope the project support in Hebei province 500 poor families of children with congenital heart disease surgical rehabilitation. At the launch ceremony, Hebei province children’s Hospital Dean Shi Zhongren said, as the cooperation of the hospital, children’s hospital will make every effort to do the project, open up Easy Access for poor children, ensuring smooth surgical treatment. According to NUSKIN, the Greater China region as the new president Jiang Huilin introduced, the rescue project has been implemented in Yunnan, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Guangdong, Guangxi and Shaanxi 6 provinces, the formation of a "public welfare funding + cooperation + + family hospital breaks the NCMS reimbursement of personal responsibility" rescue mode, integration of social resources, to help poor families of children with congenital heart disease for treatment, as of the end of August 2016 has funded a total of 733 poor children with congenital heart disease surgery. Shang Libing, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League of Hebei Province, said NUSKIN, such as the new China children’s Heart Foundation settled in Hebei, Hebei is the gospel of children with congenital heart disease, but also the event of Hebei hope project. The implementation of the project will make a new model for the cause of public welfare in Hebei, I hope there are more caring enterprises, units and caring people to join this project to help more children with poor heart disease regain health". According to reports, the Yanzhao "heart" hope — NUSKIN new China children Heart Foundation Charity Project today officially launched. 0 – 18 years old adolescents from Hebei urban and rural poor families with congenital heart disease (per capita net income of rural households below the poverty line, urban households per capita net income below the local minimum living security line) to the Hebei Provincial Children’s hospital group or local county (city and district) Commission Consultation for love rescue, to get surgery treatment of children’s Hospital of Hebei province and the opportunity. After the audit in accordance with the conditions of ordinary children can get about 10 thousand yuan subsidy, the proportion of patients with complex funding will be increased accordingly. World heart day is determined by the World Heart Federation