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The Champions League team: Oezil Falco led Real Madrid Barcelona 0 – Sohu Sports Champions League week team Beijing announced the evening of November 3rd, UEFA announced the official website of the official selection of the best lineup in the fourth round of the European Group phase. Among them, the Spanish giants Seville is undoubtedly the biggest winner, a total of two finalists this list, Atletico Madrid contributed one, while Barcelona, Real Madrid two traditional giants is no finalists. In addition, Manchester City midfielder gundogan, Arsenal, Bayern Munich striker Lewandowski Mesut Ozil thigh is on this list. The goalkeeper position, from Benfica Edson lucky finalists, Benfica beat Dinamo Kiev 1-0 home court, in addition to saarvio work scored the only goal of the game is not continuous, dedication two saves, to secure the gates yet Brazil, the main contributor is the Portuguese giants win. Back in Seville, Escudero and Mariano both selected the La Liga giants Dinamo Zagreb home court 4-0 bloodbath, the two players in the defensive position plays a crucial role in maintaining zero closure feats for the team. In addition, Paris Saint Germain, Cafu Meunier Lu Drogo Meret and Oporto in their team defense teles, also very amazing. The midfield, gundogan and Mesut Ozil two players from the Premier League also glorious list. Gundogan home court in the game against Barcelona scored two, helping the city beat successfully to 3-1 revenge. The Arsenal away to Lou Drogo Meret, in the unfavorable situation behind two goals, the final 3-2 reversal opponent, shot Jiangong Mesut Ozil is undoubtedly the greatest hero. The front line, from Monaco, Bayern, Munich striker Lewandowski Falcao Atletico Madrid striker Glenn Seidman were nominated, they are in this round of the game each contributed two goals for the team victory made distinctions won in battle. With the Champions League fourth round 11 best list: Julio Edson (Benfica) defender: Escudero (Seville), Maniyah (Paris Saint Germain), Cafu (Mariano, Lou many roots serve) (Seville), teles (Oporto) midfielder: gundogan (Manchester City), Mesut Ozil (A Senna): Falco striker, Lewandowski (Monaco) (Bayern), Glenn Seidman (Atletico Madrid). (Mo Qingsong)