15Thunder abandoned will glow second spring continuous key rebounds for magic life (video)|Thunder abandoned will glow second spring continuous key rebounds for magic life (video)7

The thunder will abandon a second spring continuous key rebounds for the magic continued life [] new magic weapon yibaka dunk score under the basket overbearing buckle up third game Tencent sports news October 30th 99-105 lost the magic of the season, although they once catch up in the fourth quarter points only 3 points, but was JR and James teamed up with water. Yibaka performance in the game well, scored 19 points and 7 rebounds and 1 assists. It is his fourth quarter two consecutive two rebounds 2+1 dunk, help retain a magic Fanpan hope. Show the great magic of the offseason with Ibaka "little Wade" oladipo plus ilyasova, this year’s first round pick in the race for a small sarboaness thunder yibaka, also signed free agent Bismarck – billom Bo, intended to control composition inside Twin Towers, forbidden zone. In today’s game against Cleveland, magic inside group does control the area, they grab 10 rebounds in cleveland. The total was ridicule Ibaka offensive cleanliness in thunder period, every year on the outside position. 28 years old, he is not as good as before, otherwise the thunder will not be anxious to send him out. But is the kind of striker role yibaka balm rebound, he can support, basket, to shoot, the pace of movement is not slow, the only decline is probably affect his athletic ability. In today’s game early in the third quarter, Knight established a 80-62 score advantage, the big three almost ready to punch out. However, in the fourth quarter, the first is by veteran DJ- Augustin after scoring points difference only single digits, then hit a few magic and on three points, forcing the knights to change back to the big three. At the end of the contest, yibaka showed his experience. The knight has been hold slightly ahead, it is just perfect the two offensive rebounds Ibaka has had the opportunity to let the magic tie. He got 19 points and 7 rebounds in a limited minutes. Although it is not very bright, but his role on the pitch is far from the data can reflect the. Once the thunder of the top basket, his deterrent to the other side is difficult to find the space inside the shot. His steps are flexible, defensive backs are not at a disadvantage, which makes him in the anti roll can be replaced. Magic next to deal with the problem of their three game time today, Wu Raicevic played only 24 minutes, 19 minutes and 30 minutes than Bo, yibaka. The concept of the three starters must be clear, otherwise it will cause uncertainty about their position. A: Vu Che Vecchi and Michael are good at attacking and the other on defense. They seem to be able to copy the collocation Toronto + Bo billom waran. Compared with the bench Ibaka for fight, attack he can pull enough space for his teammates, he can be responsible for the formation of the defense "no fly zone" in the area around, he and Augustin screen can also become a tool to take a minute. This is not to lose the game yibaka responsibility, on the contrary it is because he is at the critical moment of the play to make the game suspense to the last. Magic coach Vogel has been under the guidance of the defensive side has been greatly improved, they need to find the next game as soon as possible.