15Most people hope the distant basket will be lifted to debut still in doubt (video)|Most people hope the distant basket will be lifted to debut still in doubt (video)8

Most people hope the distant basket will be still in doubt whether the ban on Guo Ailun’s comeback [collection] Guangdong 124-115 Liaoning Hodson 38+7 Las 42 points because four players suffered injuries and suspensions, the drug of Liaoning Benxi men’s basketball team early in the season is facing great difficulties. However, after the end of the first round of the regular season, the team’s record is three wins and a negative, so that the results of the club and the coaching staff are very satisfied, and even a little because they did not get a winning streak of four and regret. From the beginning of the fifth round, three players will face suspension lifted back, this also means that the first hurdle four wheel as the distant basket this season, has been relatively smooth step up in the past. After experiencing these hardships, the team is also becoming more mature, the lineup is also increasingly deep inside, I believe the future is bound to get better and better. The first four games three wins and one negative satisfactory this season, the distant basket is undoubtedly the most difficult, because the team in the four round of the team is the most thin, can play the game even not scrape up the list of 12 caps, which also includes two of the former there is no point of the new league experience. However, in this case, the basket still produce three wins and a negative answer. With the club’s general manager Li Hongqing said, in front of the opponent, each one is a little idea of the distant basket, "they are now thinking of Liaoning is difficult to win on a field, so when in the game and we are all very hard, but in this case I have players withstood the pressure." Indeed, in the first four games, because the team line-up is not the whole cause rotation is particularly difficult, for those main player light physical consumption is a big trouble. So it’s a great thing to be able to finish the game and get a very good result. This, whether it is general manager Li Hongqing or coach Guo Shiqiang are very recognized. The young have harvest this four round, the biggest harvest is the distant basket young Bush tomorrow morning. After all, the young players that have not clean League experience, also unlike Zhao Jiwei has soared in the national team, but he is past the four round, with is inconsistent with the age of calm, and solid shooting skills, become the team striker on a sharp knife. In four games, averaging Cong tomorrow morning can contribute to the team 11.5 points, and Zhao Jiwei tied for the fourth team, in front of them is a natural double foreign aid and Han Dejun. From the score means, tomorrow morning to people plexus the most impressive is that a hand accurate three pointers. He averaged 3 to hit three 3-pointers, and was shot in the right under the condition of Limited will remain in the 60% horror hit rate. More important is he a lot of three point ball is hit at a crucial moment, this also showed his excellent psychological quality. Guo Shiqiang will be the outstanding performance of the cluster tomorrow morning in peacetime training, due to the accumulation and pay. "Tomorrow morning to play such a cluster level in the first four games, he still lies in the quality of training is relatively high, especially in the summer, because the old players in the team, a lot of warm-up matches to play him in Shenzhen