15Exposure to Manchester City Derby Mourinho tactics high-altitude bombing of the 1 strokes of the mel|Exposure to Manchester City Derby Mourinho tactics high-altitude bombing of the 1 strokes of the mel1

Exposure to Manchester City Derby Mourinho tactics: high-altitude bombing 1 strokes g Guardiola ball sports Sohu – Manchester City Derby this weekend,   triggered at any moment; the much anticipated Manchester derby passion war, waiting for the "kuamut at" rujierzhi drama. In such a contest between ice and fire, two Marshal how to display their tactical ability, also become the focus of the outside world. The current war, British media exposure Mourinho said the attack tactics, the Portuguese will take high rolling high balls hit rivals. In addition, the state of the fiery rush Ford may become Mourinho’s recent secret weapon. Once, Guardiola led Barcelona and Mourinho in charge of Real Madrid in La Liga, staged several memorable Derby century. Today, the two Marshal will be transferred to the Manchester battlefield of the England industrial city football transfer control and anti this direct dialogue anti tactics, its intensity will show the effect of mars hit the earth. There is no doubt that Ibrahimovic is the most critical role for Mourinho’s the Red Devils, the body up to 195CM of the Swedish legend, becoming the Manchester derby highest figure big players. British media said the "Guardian", which made madman battle plan this weekend. The media pointed out that in the face of Guardiola football transfer control tactics style, while Mourinho may in the tactical system is not dominant, but also from a practical perspective, the United there is indeed a very obvious advantage, that is the height! The Portuguese will use in front of the player’s height advantage to implement highly compacted. The two sides in the Manchester City Derby lineup, the blue moon may be only 3 defenders, reached the height of more than 180CM, including central defender Stones, Kolarov and Otamendi, while the remaining 5 players height is 179CM or shorter. In contrast, the Red Devils, they will have 5 180CM height above players starting to play, including the previously mentioned Ibrahimovic, the highest 194CM 191CM and bogeba Fellaini, several players is close to 190CM. In Mourinho’s view, no matter the opponent’s new signings Bravo distributed 184CM, or 182CM Caballe Luozhen gatekeepers, depending on the player’s height advantage, enough to easily deal with Manchester united! In addition, the "Guardian" also said that in addition to the main tactical altitude height advantage, Mourinho for players under a death order, that is to continue to put pressure on opponents to force the opponent into submission, thus the use of "dead" after the re start the opportunity to organize the attack and defense, creating opportunities through some long pass high ball. But in terms of the use of personnel, Mourinho hope Luke Shaw and Valencia to stage combat experience, the leg of doom Luke Shaw is now regarded as one of the key figures in the Manchester derby, and right back Valencia is just on behalf of the Ecuador national team World Cup return. At the same time, "the guardian" also revealed that the competitive state of the excellent rush of merit, it may be one of the enemy weapon Mourinho. A U21 level game in the days before, played for England United star hat trick to help the team)