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150 thousand car or SUV? Anyway, I only love SUV! – Sohu with the changing times, the car market has become the main purchasing power. The functional requirements of the vehicle for this age group are endless! Not only to the high configuration, but also a large space but also a strong driving force. This professor will recommend three models within 150 thousand yuan, the highest degree of concern for readers to choose SUV. Why did you choose SUV? There is no movement of the car and no big space MPV. But from another perspective, SUV has more than car space, control is better than MPV, and there is good through, go play do not have to worry about the embarrassment of underpinning Why not?? A more basic data Bo engine: 2.0L 1.8T turbocharged engine, six speed manual gearbox 6 tiptronic engine parameters: 2.0L: maximum horsepower 141; maximum torque of 178 cattle · m 1.8T: maximum horsepower automatic manual 184 horsepower 163 horsepower; maximum torque of 285 cattle · automatic meter; manual 250 meters more cattle · Bo space is not too big, but fortunately the filling seat is very plump, waist support in place, even if a long time will not be too tired. The professor is very satisfied to Bo: 1 space is big enough, whether it is inside or on the trunk, the space is enough, the so-called SUV, is to hold a pet with the whole family, old and young go to travel, can do more bo. 2 bullyear quite intelligent, such as ACC adaptive cruise control, collision warning, Lane Assist, city pre crash safety system 3 turn is very light, take the electric power steering, pointing precision, steady cornering feel, do not roll. The brake is sensitive but not abrupt, not to let the passengers feel uncomfortable feeling. 4.1.8T engine power is enough to start somewhat, turbo lag is light, good speed, smooth to sing the main theme 5 suspension performance close to the joint venture vehicle, small bump filtering is complete, the suspension on the body of the support of the 6 "Hello, bullyear" intelligent voice interactive system identification is strong, with strong practical dynamic parameters beautiful engine: 1.5T 2.0T turbocharged engine, six speed manual gearbox 7 speed dual clutch engine parameters: 1.5T: maximum horsepower 169; maximum torque of 250 cattle · m 2.0T: maximum horsepower automatic 220 horsepower; the maximum torque of bovine · meters; thanks to 2700mm wheelbase, RX space is the largest of three cars the rear passengers can easily cross legs. Although no more full filling Bo but fortunately seat on the body of the fit is very good, a bit like the big sofa home feeling, comfort is the best place to attract Professor three vehicles: 1 original design is very high, in line with the Chinese aesthetic, there are some bright spots hold相关的主题文章: