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Xinhua News Agency: Lippi non savior! Don’t change China football sports weak – Sohu Beijing Xinhua News Agency October 22nd sports news, Lippi is not the messiah! Xinhua News Agency reporters Bing, Wei Hua, Xiao Yazhuo, finally came to the! The song "my song" has the lyrics: there is not a little preparedness and no worries…… For Lippi, the reporter is to understand the lyrics of this – with the psychological preparation, there is a trace of concern". Gao Hongbo in the class, there have been a lot of rumors that Lippi will be the host, but his upper or to reporters brought a glimmer of concern: he can do it? There is no doubt that Lippi is Chinese soccer to the best coach. What can he bring to us? First, Lippi will play a role of touchstone. Orangemen alive preliminaries 12 strong Asian Games 4 games 1 flat 3 negative, only got 1 points, completely fall into the bottom. At this time Lippi involved, how many hunters means, the Orangemen also more like to catch a straw. For Lippi, the Orangemen have fall, choose at this time at the country foot, even if the 12 race cannot qualify, the pressure of public opinion will not overwhelm him. Changes in the eight foreign teachers can bring quality to China team, coach Lippi process and the results of the ninth term foreign teachers will act as the touchstone, if Lippi can bring a qualitative change, then, can only be said by foreign teachers have been unable to change the country foot, which will also reiterate the Orangemen and China football the necessity of the construction of the system. Lippi’s second role could be a catalyst. In fact, even if Lippi can’t really change our foot is not necessarily a bad thing, at least you can make people recognize Chinese change in football is not a short duration of time. How with the help of Lippi, to introduce more initiatives, China football to take a more solid pace, we are happy to see the results. Therefore, must not be because of Lippi’s utilitarian heart, must have a clear self positioning. Since invited Lippi, the Chinese Football Association will give him some power. In fact, Lippi itself is a "dictatorship" of the boss, for example, in the Italy national team without Balotelli and Cassano, Juventus in regard for Piero do not like Baggio. Of course, every coach has his own choices and preferences, no ground for blame. However, the football association can give him much power, how to provide more effective support, is a question worth pondering. On the other hand, since it is cooperation, then there must be demands, which is the need to consider the football association. Of course, this restriction is not an interference in the field of professional coaches, otherwise the old story will be staged brutal. China Football Association has not announced a contract with Lippi if there are performance terms, from Lippi’s character, this time in the country foot should not be put on the top 12 qualifying "chains", so the two sides of the contract is likely to focus on the long term. Even so, the contract should also be given in the next phase of the task of the game, to avoid the Camacho style tragedy repeat. What else can we expect from Lippi? Many people are expected not only to bring advanced technology and tactics of Lippi, but also