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Germany cup night stimulus! Dortmund night war Berlin! Sohu sports time: 2016-10-27 02:45: 0.98 asian handicap two ball two ball half 0.90 average: 1.14 7.30 12 [small] Dortmund event analysis in last weekend’s League Challenge teams Ingolstadt, the team was behind 0:3, although even after three ball draw opponents, but the team’s recent weakness, the race nearly five only one field, during the period averaged close to two balls, the defensive line, often make mistakes. The league has dropped to sixth place, behind the top six points, but the team morale hit by many, this season is still guaranteed home court record, five home court achieved three wins, two unbeaten, including super team like real madrid. But in two games a week of continuous, plus the weekend will usher in the Ruhr Derby, this game is likely to make a big rotation; and Berlin united in the last weekend of the Second Division League 3:1 reverse away AOE, made two league wins this season, the team performed well, they are de B second, averaging scored 2.1 the ball is the strongest League fire. The game, Dortmund will face many challenges. [Dortmund] a small dish of round of the German Cup 3:0 victory away in Trier team qualify, the team in the previous three consecutive season in the German Cup final, visible to the domestic cup paper. Berlin combined with the last round of the German Cup through the penalty shootout De De Duisburg, which is the first time in recent years, the German team into the second round of the German Cup, the team is nothing to care about the game. The disc open the Lord let two ball two ball half high water, the note after the plate water level gradually decreased, while the intensive schedule or large rotation, but the bench strength is not bad, plus the recent poor performance in the cup, makers have preferred the home team, this battle of Dortmund can be a. Shengping Fu recommended: 31 disc recommended: Dortmund score recommended: 2:0, 4:1 want to learn more about football sports discussion? What are you waiting for? Please interested friends quickly and join a small raccoon: there will be more Master analysis and partner and you exchange the latest best event! Welcome and look forward to your joining!