13The analysis of Iran’s top scorer for the focus marker video meeting Orangemen (video)|The analysis of Iran’s top scorer for the focus marker video meeting Orangemen (video)1

The analysis of Iran’s top scorer [Video] the focus marker planning inventory of Iraq’s 5 largest Asian Cup draw with Iran winning a penalty against Shenyang in September 4th for a meeting of the Tencent sports foot (the Zhao Yu) in the past two days, China has been studying Iran video game. The team believes the Iran team style relatively tough, so the defense will continue to put the body against the strong defensive player. At the same time is also studied on the other side of the main striker Aziz Mongolia, who scored in the Champions League players will be Chinese team key limit. Arrived in Shenyang on the first day of the first meeting of the national team to study the video game with the South Korean team. The team focused on the problems of the team’s defense and warned the players not to make the same mistake again. In the past few days of training, the coaching staff has been helping the team to strengthen defense training, to prepare for the game with Iran. In the Chinese team, it seems that the coach of the Iran attack more impact, so the defense team must be more than the last game, but also focus. National football training will be ready to sum up the war between China and South Korea, the team will focus on the game with the Iran team. For the situation in Iran, the Football Association attaches great importance to send staff to the scene to watch the game with Qatar Iran, the coach also got the game video. Coach team to the Iran game video clip into several paragraphs, one by one to play to the players, the most important work is to study the attack of Iran. As the top ranked Asian team, the Iran team’s offensive is very sharp, their top scorer in the Champions League Atzmon had scored, so the coach group also specifically edited the player on the game screen, let the defender to know his character. In the game against Iran, there will be special restrictions on him. When necessary, there will be two members of the focus marker beside him. Through the study of Iran team, Iran team coach group believes that eating ball played more, their tactics is simple, direct, fast, so to remind the defence teams behind the ball, don’t give the opponent a lot playing behind the ball.