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The fall of common disease prevention and health care Sohu healthy autumn wind blowing, cool and pleasant, just to get rid of the heat in the US, feel relax at the same time, but some latent "autumn disease" also quietly. The main cause of infectious diarrhea caused by infectious diarrhea in autumn is viral infection. Mainly through close contact with the spread, but also by the virus contaminated water, food, toys, clothing, appliances and other indirect communication. Mainly for diarrhea, stool every day up to a dozen times, like water or Egg & vegetable soup, no special smell. Prevention is the key to pay attention to the child’s diet health, prevent children pay attention to keep warm, Disease enters by the mouth.; avoid the cold belly; often with an infant feeding bottles, cups and other supplies boiled disinfection. 6 months -3 years old baby, can be in the 7-9 months of each year to carry out effective prevention of rotavirus vaccine. Seasonal depression weather is getting cooler, but there will be depressed mood, limb numbness, fatigue, insomnia etc.. In fact, this is the season of high incidence of seasonal depression. Some experts pointed out that the cause of the cause of depression in autumn, the sun is no longer the first factor. When the intensity of the sun is reduced, it is controlled by the reduction of thyroxine, epinephrine secretion, which will reduce the excitability of the human body cells, people’s mood will become low, severe depression will lead to. Therefore, to strengthen the sunshine and light is the first way to be happy, good mood to sleep. Half an hour before going to bed should avoid mental and physical work, do not think about going to bed, listening to light music, drink milk, oatmeal, etc.. Skin diseases in autumn skin moisture loss, thereby reducing the barrier function of the skin, prone to skin allergies. Autumn is the hairy crab delicacy season, at the same time, hospital dermatology eat crab allergic patients will be increased. This is mainly related to the patient’s own immune decline has a great relationship. Heterologous protein content of shrimp and crab in food is very high, cold and damp, which belongs to the "objects", patients with skin disease or skin allergies should not eat. That family medicine chest prepare some kind of chlorpheniramine drugs, once the allergy, can eat these drugs to the hospital for treatment. Conjunctivitis air dry autumn is the season of conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis mainly due to viral or bacterial infection or allergic reactions, are the main symptoms of erythema, eyelid swelling, itching eyes, burning, tears or epiphora and morning secretions to open eyes. Conjunctivitis itself has little effect on the vision, but if the inflammation to the cornea or cause complications, can lead to visual impairment, or even blindness. Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis is highly contagious, often can cause outbreaks, so prevention work can not be ignored. In daily life, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash your hands frequently, avoid rubbing your eyes. Campus, enterprises and other collective units to promote water wash, towels, handkerchiefs and other items to be separated from others, and regular cleaning and disinfection. Working environment, such as wind, smoke and other stimuli, should improve the environment or wear protective glasses. Hand, foot and mouth disease in autumn hand foot mouth disease incidence increased, parents should be vigilant. Nine