13BlueBay masters Li Minzhi won the aria’s final hole collapse|BlueBay masters Li Minzhi won the aria’s final hole collapse2

BlueBay masters Li Minzhi Arija won the final hole collapse (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing time on October 23rd, Thailand’s Arija for the sixth time career field LPGA victory on the island of -LPGA masters, and suffered career ending crash. Jianhu Island Golf Club – the last hole tee shot into the water, ranked second in the world player of the final 2 shots behind to Australia 20 years old girl Li Minzhi. The detailed results: No. 17 hole, three hole, into the aria’s 20 foot birdie, two bar hands, tied in the hole three bogey at the Li Minzhi, two people are leading into the last hole. Unfortunately, the last hole tee shot into the water, Thailand’s bogey, and Li Minzhi in front of the green all push, harvest 2 foot birdie. Li Minzhi made 70 shots in the final round, with a score of 275 (65-67-73-70), lower than the standard par of 13, winning the LPGA win of the season in the last second games, as well as a career victory of $315 thousand, for which she received $third. Jessica Kodak is the group’s third members, when entering the last hole behind a bar, have a chance of succeeding, but outside the Green Eagle did not push into the hole, then shot 71, with 276 bar, par 12, located in second separate. Arija eventually hit 70 shots, and then behind a bar to a par of 277, lower than the standard par of 11, located in a separate position of third. Lin Xiyu was tied for 14 China players the best performance is Lin Xiyu, in spite of the ups and downs of the round, after her hand over 72, with 288 bar (72-68-76-72), par, is tied for fourteenth place. The first two separate leader Li Minzhi and Jessica began Sunday when Kodak tied for the lead in a hole, but into a 25 foot long push to get caught the bird, she alone lead, after that, she has not fallen from the top of the leaderboard. Li Minzhi in the eight hole, five hole cut into the mouth, harvest a bird, when entering after nine holes of the leading 3, but with the group’s Arija and Jessica did not give up on her after kodak. No. 11 hole, three hole, 3 feet to kick off Jessica Kodak caught the bird, and 12 feet into the aria putter, also caught the bird. Then two people in the hole in the number of five, the two holes in both hands caught the bird, the disadvantage will be reduced to a bar of 14. This is the last three holes in the drama pave the way. No. 16 hole, Jessica bogeyed the kodak. 17 hole, Li Minzhi face a long push of 60 feet, the first push through the hole of 6 feet, swallowed the only bogey today. Unfortunately, the timing is too bad. Arija in the same wonderful hole to catch a bird, a tie Li Minzhi. Two people will be in the hole number 18, the hole in the score of five points. This hole don’t say the birds, hawks are likely to occur, for a time, the situation became quite uncertain. But the water in the opportunity to self destruct aria, tee tee. Aria’s early career, often the last hole collapse situation. 2013 Thailand)