12National Championships O’Sullivan 4-6 Holt Jr. Robertson lost special promotion|National Championships O’Sullivan 4-6 Holt Jr. Robertson lost special promotion6

National Championships O’Sullivan 4-6 Holt Robertson O’Sullivan lost the special promotion missed the final eight sina sports news Beijing time on the night of October 26th, 18 of the final 2016 international Snooker Championships all over, in the evening of the game the rocket in the poor state of O’Sullivan, Michael Holt – Assassin 4-6 was eliminated, the Melbourne machine Neal – Robertson is also feeling nothing, by veteran Joe 2-6 Perry swept. Judd – Trump 6-3 easily beat Thailand old deliver the goods, Diego James – Wattana, the successful promotion. The game started at 7:30 last night, the Rockets O’Sullivan vs Holt natural concern, a rocket first performance in the doldrums, by Walter 59-44 won the first game, the second game of Holt started directly after winning a single shot 77 points, 2-0 lead. The third game of O’Sullivan with a single shot 83 points pulled one back, the fourth game of O’Sullivan hit a single shot 50 points but was 69 Holt reversed the score to 1-3. The fifth game of Holt hit a single shot 57 points, O’Sullivan responded with a single board to reverse 73-61 leveled the score 2-3, in the sixth inning stalemate Holt wins one game again, to keep two lead 4-2. The O’Sullivan seventh single shot 96 points sealed the opponent to chase the score 3-4, Holt eighth and hit a single shot 53 points to win 108-9, 5-3 got the match point. The ninth game of Holt first 47 hours after the rocket was a single shot 76 points to reverse, at 4-5, tenth O’Sullivan have a chance to win the game to a tiebreaker, but scored 21 points after the result ended the game, Holt then hit a single shot 70 points to the score to 6-4, beat the rival quarter finals. Australia Robertson cannon round against veteran Joe Perry, a Perry with two cities 2-0 lead in the second inning, and hit a single shot 67 points, the third game of Robertson to hit a single shot 80 points to recover a board, but after the dismal performance of the opponent win three to lead 5-1 to get match point although the seventh Bureau, Robertson hit a single shot 60 points saved a match point, but in the end, Perry in the eighth inning performance with a single shot 73 points victory, 6-2 swept into the 14 finals. European Master Sai Singh Wang Te Room F round against Thailand old Diego Wattana, a single shot 83 points scored after Wattana with two cities to 2-1 counter ultra score by Trump, the third game of Wattana also hit a single shot 94 points, the state maintained fairly well, but Trump has shown tremendous firepower, two consecutive hit a single shot 137 points and a score of 133, then saw in multi round battle to win 80-6 sixth, at 4-2, Trump in the seventh inning to get 25 points after the interruption of the attack, at watts to use single shot scored 75 points to tie the game at 3-4, the eighth game of Trump to win 70-26 after 5-3 got the match point, Ninth Trump did not give the mobile phone directly, winning a single shot 77 points, the score frames at the 6-3, locked in the quarter finals. (a film)