10Outdoor climbing need to be cautious! Men trapped trapped mountain rescue|Outdoor climbing need to be cautious! Men trapped trapped mountain rescue5

Outdoor climbing need to be cautious! Men trapped in mountain climbing mobile phone positioning rescued outdoor climbers need to be cautious! Man rescued trapped mobile phone positioning Hoi hearing yesterday, a more than and 40 year old man in Beijing like outdoor sports, alone to climb Fuzhou Gushan, only to be trapped on not to worry, but also find the way, man police rescue. Provincial Mountaineering Association emergency rescue team dispatched dozens of rescue workers, divided into two groups, after more than an hour of search, found the trapped man. 42 year old sun has just transferred to work in Fuzhou, like outdoor sports. This is the first time he climbed 4 Gushan, 12 noon, he from the mountain, more than 3 hours after the arrival of Yongquan temple and continue to Cihhang, hole direction, heading to the vast peak. Unexpectedly, he walked quickly, 6, ran into a stone wall, do not worry, strayed into the forest grass. Fortunately, the phone signal, he called the alarm call. Provincial Mountaineering Association mountain rescue team received the news, dozens of search and rescue team members in two echelon, with materials and equipment, the night to save the mountain. One person in charge of the rescue knife said, more than 8 points that night, they made two rescue line, according to a team of officers trapped to the peak of the vast search direction from the top down, the other team members from the bottom up search. 9:30 that evening, another three people to form a group, to the position of the three party communications Yongquan temple. "By experience, after listening to a brief description of the trapped, he knows where he is." Rescue workers said they locate through the GPS, quickly determined the latitude and longitude of the trapped people. 9:43 that evening, they through propaganda way, with each other to determine the trapped, but the two are 100 meters. A few minutes later, the trapped people were found. At this time, reinforcements quickly came to the dawn of the rescue team arrived, and the rescue team at Yongquan temple. At 11:18 that night, all the officers returned safely to the mountain.