10No secret! Luneng open training before the opening of the first assistant to take 3 minutes (video)|No secret! Luneng open training before the opening of the first assistant to take 3 minutes (video)9

No secret! Before the training full open TA chanting Luneng get 3 [] to four prospective Guoan Luneng relegation Suning to press the top Tencent in September 24th (the sports Zhao Yu) "tell you what, today’s training is not closed, fully open." The end of Luneng with the national security of the pre match press conference, coach Felix Magath has told reporters through an interpreter. Before the game is completely open, such behavior also let reporters surprise, because whether it is Luneng team or other teams, basically will not do so. Luneng team will train the team before the training arrangements at seven tonight. According to the principle, the team before the game training only fifteen minutes before opening. Whether it is domestic or foreign teams, in preparation for the official game will basically do. After joining Majiate Luneng, before the training team are basically open fifteen minutes before. But in the same national team before the game, he suddenly announced the whole session minutes are not closed, fully open to the outside world, this also be startled at let reporters and journalists, specially with the Luneng team press officer joked: "why don’t you let him talk with Majiate, also closed, open only fifteen minutes ago line." Although completely open, but in fact, Majiate is also very cautious, he did not make a specific technical and tactical training in the Caichang training. The team had already made preparations for the game as soon as they came to Beijing, and specific technical and tactical training was done in Ji’nan. The team before Caichang training, assistant coach Zhang Haitao is responsible for, he led a warm-up for the players, while loudly shouting: "focus, this game to get three points." Zhang Haitao led the physical training very hard, repeatedly shouting "games to get three points."