10Boston expedition Championship inventory dota four division leader|Boston expedition Championship inventory dota four division leader1

Boston expedition Championship inventory DOTA four division leader Beijing time on October 27th, qualifying Boston Autumn Race officially kicked off. As of press time, Southeast Division battle has begun. Throughout this time qualifying teams, each division of the configuration can be described as very luxurious. This paper, from each region each elect a absolute star, we can find that the so-called qualifiers may be more intense than some formal competition. Chinese Division: Maybe nearly a year following Honors: TI5 third, WCA2015 fourth China spring tournament runner up, qualifying for hell mode is known Wurenbuxiao, from so many well-known players pick one to be introduced is not really what simple things. Before Burning, RotK after this meritorious veteran, Yang, rejected this new generation leader, finally the author chose Maybe, the world-class single. After DAC, Maybe transfer LGD, in the small black team to train station in the first team in a single position finally. In his first match in TI5, Maybe in the first game with a dazzling performance proved his strength, sword fire cat EE comeback, led by FATA C9, the world saw the strength of the new generation China. The last Maybe in that tournament and fell in front of the godfather Shirupozhu CDEC, won third. Then China game player to witness the growth of small black, which has WCA final failure, also spring a person to carry a team style. Prior to TI6, Maybe has been recognized as a world-class single player. In the game, delicate operation, dare to dare to show. But in TI6, the overall state of the godfather, 9-12 rankings let Maybe must go from the qualifiers. TI6 after the team restructuring, LGD continued before the idea to build the lineup as the core Maybe. At present, this young team record worthy of recognition. I believe Maybe can fight qualifiers, prove the game in Boston. European region: Miracle- nearly a year of major Honors: Autumn tournament champion, spring tournament champion, the epicenter of the cup third, the top league tournament in the first quarter of the year runner up a year ago, when the OG was founded, the Chinese players began to understand the miracle of. At that time outside of the player is the introduction of 8000 great God, but in the minds of everyone can think of these four words or more "Gaofendineng". But in Frankfurt, the world’s audience sees the power of OG. From a group of losers in seven, so the world miracle to realize their. Then the audience gradually see the miracle of the terrible place, the grasp of the details of the terrible situation, the operation does not lose to any top players. Objectively speaking, TI5 in the season after the OG is the best. But unfortunately, in the most important exams TI6 OG accidentally lost to TNC, brother to join after the miracle liquid not what Nadechushou achievements, this autumn race can only start from the qualifiers. However, from the point of view of the strength of the opponent, as long as the stability of the miracle to get brother ran