10 year old girl playing hand travel to steal her mother’s bank card ID spend more than $more than 8-coscoqd

10 year old girl playing Mobile Games steal bank card ID mother spend more than 80 thousand – month more than Beijing recently, Qujing Luliang County town board put the sheep village of Zhang Lixian very distressed: daughter addicted to mobile phone games, just one month, spent 80 thousand yuan to buy games and equipment. During this summer, Zhang Lixian’s 10 year old daughter, read the fifth grade of Xiaoyi borrow mother job to help mobile phone download software, and do my homework at their own convenience. During use, she fell in love with a game called "romantic love", mobile phone games. Xiaoyi addicted mother, quietly take the hidden bank card and ID card, pay to buy the equipment upgrade. Busy Zhang Lixian unaware of sericulture. Until September 12th, Zhang Lixian to give money to the son of the University in the field, only to find the bank card 80 thousand yuan of money disappeared for no reason. Zhang Lixian confused with records from print out bank transactions, found that from August 8th to September 11th, the bank card score ten times, 10 yuan, 100 yuan, 500 yuan, 1000 yuan, or 2000 yuan transactions, the total cost of 82 thousand yuan. Later, Zhang Lai sin to know is daughter playing with Baidu mobile phone games, dozens of times to buy virtual currency, put money in the bank card to buy. Zhang Lixian did not think of how well behaved daughter would do such a thing is not reliable. Currently, Zhang Lixian through the help of relatives and friends, are linked to the game side and Baidu platform customer service, hoping to restore the loss. Know a mistake of Xiaoyi, now also is very scared too late for regrets. Experts said that parents should experience parenting and children games, such as building blocks, cube, reading, painting, cultivate children’s hobbies, try to transfer the child’s attention, control the child to play mobile phone time. Spring City Evening News reporter Jiang Qiongbo相关的主题文章: