0Zhou Qi team to participate in the draft focus NBA CBA let nature take its course|Zhou Qi team to participate in the draft focus NBA CBA let nature take its course

Zhouqi response team to participate in the competition: attention nba-cba naturally Zhou Qi did not determine in the NBA draft Tencent sports January 4 News (reporter Jurgen) today, the media exposed Zhouqi this year determined to participate in the draft 2016NBA. Tencent sports first time contact to Zhou Qi broker Ma Jie, the latter said Zhou Qi is currently focused on CBA, wait until the end of the League will be considered for the NBA draft, so the current said Zhouqi determined to participate in the draft 2016NBA is still too early. Ma Jie first to friends in the media attention to Zhou Qi thanks. Then he said: "at present the CBA League is in the key period of the regular season, Zhouqi my energies are also represent the Xinjiang team to play well in every game, haven’t been considered for the NBA draft." In addition, Ma Jie also said: Zhou Qi, the primary goal of this summer, or on behalf of the Chinese men’s basketball team to participate in the Rio Olympic games." At the same time, Ma Jie also by Tencent sports expressed Zhou Qi for the NBA’s attitude, he said: "if the time is ripe and Zhou Qi I have strength of playing in the NBA, we will first time to the media informed in the NBA draft decision. For NBA, Zhou Qi himself and the team will be, and will not act with undue haste." Zhou Qiben season cba league matches well, averaging 17.9 points and 10 rebounds, averaging 3.8 blocks row first in all athletes, and coming in on the 16th of this month at the age of 20 years old, he is also considered China’s current from the NBA recently players. [block] losing the night only to comfort the week of the big hat Asian first center (this video has nothing to do with the original content, only to extend the reading)