0The media ticket already lost confidence! Pierluigi we stress (video)|The media ticket already lost confidence! Pierluigi we stress (video)

The media ticket already lost confidence! Our country Olympic: pressure auzone depression [Planning] will be the 3 game losing streak, lost 9 balls! Olympic heritage national football World Cup fighting spirit newspaper Doha electric [reporter Zhao Rui] with 2:3 lost to Iran, 93 Olympic in the first U-23 Championships and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will contest the final stage of the Asian region, the group stage no accident, three games are all negative. Is the Olympic team, Qatar, Syria, Iran turns rolling, after the defeat of the starry night journey back home, 19 PM Beijing time arrived at the capital airport, team in situ dissolution, 93 Olympic team officially become history. Although players in an interview said efforts to create a miracle, but in fact finished second with the Syrian team game the next day, the team has endorsed the local time on January 19 am Doha fly Beijing flights. Even in Iraq on the day of the race, part of the Olympic working personnel is resident in the pack, the Olympic due first to Abu Dhabi in training two weeks, so the portable equipment and equipment more, a total of more than 60 pieces of luggage, if after the end of the game to bale again moved, I’m afraid it’s too late, so prepare yourself ahead of time is excusable. The problem is, this approach is equal to directly tell the players to play this game on the home, it can not be wrong to the player’s psychological hint. After the news conference, the Chinese reporter also very complex, simply asked Fu Bo four questions, plus a total of five or six minutes. In the face of such a result, after the game coach Fu Bo said in an interview: we pay more attention to the team in the last game of the state of mind and fighting, we have to fight to play the spirit. But the game reflects our strength than the opponent, as a coach, I have to bear the main responsibility." For their own fate, Fu Bo said: "we will do a good job summary, the game is better learning of the players and coaches. Take a short break and see if you can have a chance to continue working with football." Due to the loss and rush to the airport, the players did not have too much to accept the interview. For the first time on behalf of the National Olympic team to participate in formal competition Qiu Ming Wang played the full 90 minutes, as a central midfielder to play in general, after the game he said: "not satisfied their performance, failed, mainly is the pressure." After the two group games, Chinese journalists have the night of original 23 (4 of 8 into the game after the return tickets to the local time 19 or 20 during the day. Actually, we are not not hold fluky idea: if the Olympic convulsions, won the Iranian team ball 3 or 3 or more balls, the other side of the Qatar destroy Syria? Read the first half of the game, everyone’s mind at ease: Oh, Chinese football has always been to speak, say, when to go, when to go. Scan download Tencent sports APP enjoy NBA, Premier League, the Champions League, Super League and other mass events live video