0Miss the application deadline Guoan talk about the transfer again this year — bathing sports|Miss the application deadline Guoan talk about the transfer again this year — bathing sports

Miss the application deadline & nbsp; Guoan talk about the transfer this year and soak in water – Sports – People’s network, the original title: National Security on the transfer of this year and soak in water for a few days ago, Luo Ning, honorary chairman of the club Beijing Guoan in confirmation with the media on behalf of the tea party, the club is currently in talks with a number of enterprises capital Kuogu thing. At that time there was news that, as the music for the acquisition of 2 billion yuan, 50% yuan to buy the country’s national security club, the official announcement of the official announcement. But on January 10, that is, last Sunday, part of the domestic professional club rushed to the Council of the Chinese Football Association league executive board submitting the equity change data, including seven registered to the club, a total of 26 Club completed the change of equity, which is not Guoan club. The Chinese Football Association official confirmed that "the country peaceful club ownership changes this year, definitely hopeless", regardless of the private capital shares Guoan eventually become not, "Beijing Guoan" is the name of at least 2016 season specified will not change. In late November last year, the Chinese Football Association in the annual work conference registration, clear to all levels of professional club announced that starting this year, equity of professional clubs provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government transfer will be prohibited. For example, if a team this year in Beijing to complete the registration, then later as long as the club also domestic professional football circles to participate in the competition, cannot like COSCO Club of the year that by the Shanghai moved to Shaanxi, Guizhou. The deadline for the application of the club to register is January 10th, and the deadline for applying for the transfer of the club is also the same day. Why? Because every year on January 15 is the Council of the Chinese Football Association league executive board, the registered office access to qualified audit Club start date, and in the audit Club enough professional league of soft and hard targets met before, the association also need stroked a stroke equity transfer application, registration to change conditions, the material is not consistent with the requirements. So from last year by the end of November to January 10, up to 26 Club whip and spur to prepare materials, have many clubs until January 10, send a homogeneous material when genius. The change in the equity interest of the club, or change registration worth mentioning, the purpose depends on is to for survival and development, it is necessary to know in the burn money increasingly frantic Chinese professional football during the Jin and Yuan Dynasty club if you don’t hit a lot of money not only no hope of winning, but it is difficult to shelter made life. Last season, Shen Xin fall into a testament to the cruel reality. Since the "people can move to live", and, Yi Teng on the risk of the Beijing, Harbin, Guiyang, moved to Shaoxing, the B 5 clubs in addition to a Ben Chengdu, the rest of the 4 are running to the Yangtze River delta. National security will not give up the capital of the geographical advantage, but in the capital of the super stimulus, they also had to make an inventory of ideas, to seek alternative. Including including music, as the number of famous enterprises and the name and the national security of equity transfer rumors, although Rhonin chairman today did not confirm which bid is successful, but anecdotal details particularly prominent, I believe should not groundless. However, the Chinese Football Association, the time limit is not, the association of the sources, the national security club has also sent a person to consult about equity changes,.