0James pretended to be a pizza shop assistant female fans looks like Wade (Figure) – Sohu news|James pretended to be a pizza shop assistant female fans looks like Wade (Figure) – Sohu news

James pretended pizza shop girl fans: looks like Wade (Figure) – Sohu News Dispatch of new wall bulletin according to American media broke the news, the knight headed star LeBron? James recently to a pizza chain when employees, he claimed to be "Ron", but still be Gu guest recognize — you look really familiar. "It looks like Wade! LeBron James recently invested a pizza chain. New boss is not only to pay, but also contribute to the last month, he also went to work in Pasadena, California, a branch. In order to deceive the public, James also deliberately took the pseudonym "Ron (Ron)". All this quietly with the camera to shoot down, as this pizza chain promotional film. On the first day of work, there was a lot of interesting conversations between James and the customer. Recently, James in this store to work the video streaming out, a lot of highlights. James was carrying a large pile of pizza to the front, tall figure immediately attracted some customers attention. Then James in front of the desk and the customer to chat, then he did not forget to introduce his name is called Ron. James tall, standing in front of too eye-catching, he also warmly greeted customers. There is a picture, a female customer at James, and said: "you look very familiar, very familiar." James, in order to conceal his identity, he replied: "this is my first day as the job. Yes, I’m studying." And the other girl said, "he looks like Wade Dwayne." "Dwayne? Wade?" pizza other employees by common consent marvel. In this regard, James is still without showing feelings: "I often hear people say, I have heard of this man Wade." There are other staff to play cover: I told him ten thousand times, he really should try to play basketball." And James will be installed: "no, no, I do not know what it is." He also deliberately pointing to a customer T-shirt basketballs said: "your chest? Golf?" obviously, James acting fooled a lot of customer, this is not James first show his excellent acting the. Prior to the interview, James has said that his interest in basketball outside is acting. Last summer, James had appeared in Gardner?, Apatow comedy film "wreck",, and James at the time of the show won the praise the outside world. Yesterday, James in the social network drying out of the this period of video, and wrote: "Ron’s first day of work. A second time I thought this is Dwayne? Wade! Ha ha!" the crowd @Mavericks: "she is deliberately in trouble, right, you see her say so smile the way, the feeling is intentional. This big sister is too?!! "@lthethings:" I think she might really think of Wade as James. After all, Wade’s fashionable dress that he can often appear in women’s fashion magazines, and he married for uni." Riding area: a friend said Zhan Wei, this is called the husband and wife, ha ha ha! @b.