0From the end of the down payment loan non bank provide consumer loans|From the end of the down payment loan non bank provide consumer loans

From the end of the down payment loan: non bank provide consumer loans overnight, down payment loan has become a target for all. This was originally only known in the industry concept, quickly be known to the public. Under the weight of the regulatory authorities, a lot of intermediary suspended the down payment loan products, but the market is the largest amount of the first payment of the loan product is still in full swing. "Home circle cloud loan is Yishoufang sales agent with the LaSalle bank" of "Shoufu loan products, is currently the market the largest body of" Shoufu loan products, LaSalle bank "will the regulatory authorities to combat" Shoufu loan "acts are called" a storm ". But under the storm, the house round cloud loan still does not stop its pace, just for the kind of statement, insisted that he is a consumer loan instead of the first payment of the loan". 6 years ago, the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a regulation that is strictly prohibited consumer credit loans for the purchase of. On March 8, "LaSalle Bank held a special an investor conference, explain" home circle cloud loan is intended for use in "car, buy appliances, decoration, or stage of family capital liquidity" is not used for payment of the purchase of the first payment. LaSalle bank will purchase the use of removed. And in fact, after the Phoenix visited Beijing surrounding hot property market found that the use of "home circle cloud loan does not change because of the seminar, it says" consumer loans "finally still is customers used to pay Shoufu. After the Spring Festival, "North County" of real estate skyrocketing, non weekend approaching real estate sales center closed shop house is still a lot of people. After 16.8% Spring Festival, Wang Xin (a pseudonym) sales of real estate agents rose 3000 yuan per square meter, the average price of 15 thousand square meters. The real estate is located in the "North County", namely Hebei Yanjiao, manufacturers, Xianghe, because next to Beijing, where prices fluctuate with the Beijing housing prices and changes in the same direction. Beijing municipal government will be moved to Tongzhou, the geographical position of the dominant "North County" housing market extremely unpopular. Developers cover Xishou, money can not buy real illusion made more panic and panic buying. Wang will not stop to tell property buyers do not buy, next week opened a new plate prices higher. Her circle of friends every day will increase the price of real estate information, and then with the sales offices Paihao hot video, let the customer feel a pair of panic grab room. Customers save the speed to catch up with the price increases speed, Wang Xin will advise customers to borrow some money to buy a house, "the next opening price rose again." Can not live on the recommendation of the sales, coupled with the frequent increase in prices, for fear that customers can not afford to miss a point will often borrow some money to buy the house. At this time, "home round cloud loan" debut, "home loan" in the name of the actual is to provide customers with the first payment. Wang Xin will be short of money to recommend customers home round cloud loan, the first suite of up to 50% of the first payment, two suites up to 15% of the first payment by the first. Home round cloud loan is essentially a consumer credit loan, do not need mortgage. Wang Xin told Phoenix (Phoenix [serious news] micro channel ID:Serious-News the number of public), "home Yuan cloud loan application procedure is very simple, to provide my ID card, credit, bank water, complete materials, tomorrow you can loan, fast;