0China in the construction of nuclear power units in the construction of 54 Units of the total number|China in the construction of nuclear power units in the construction of 54 Units of the total number

China in operation in the construction of nuclear power group 54 Units total digital home world third – in Beijing January 27, the State Council Information Office spokesman Hu kaihong said today, at present China in operation and in the construction of 54 nuclear power generating units, the unit total digital Ju is the third in the world. The State Council Information Office held a press conference today, China National Atomic to agency director, director of the national defense science and Technology Industrial Development Bureau, National Nuclear Accident Emergency Coordination Committee, deputy director of the Committee Xu Dazhe introduced the China’s nuclear emergency "white paper on the situation, and answering a reporter’s question. Hu Kaihong, China is a nuclear power, has always been committed to the peaceful use of nuclear energy in 80s, since the last century, the development of nuclear power China has made great progress, the current Chinese in transport, in the construction of 54 nuclear power units, the total number of units ranked third in the world in recent years, Chinese proposed and implemented The Belt and Road "initiative to promote go nuclear, has injected new impetus to the world nuclear power development. Hu kaihong said the nuclear emergency is an important guarantee for the healthy development of the sustained nuclear utility. Today, the Chinese government published "China’s nuclear emergency," the white paper, which is China in nuclear related fields published the first white paper. The full text of about 1.2 million words, is composed of preface, text and end language three components. White paper from the development of nuclear power and nuclear emergency response basic situation, nuclear emergency policy, nuclear emergency case No.3 Construction, nuclear emergency response capacity building and keep, nuclear accident response disposal measures, nuclear emergency exercises and drills, training and public communication, nuclear emergency innovation of science and technology, nuclear should be urgent international cooperation and exchanges, fully focused on the main measures and taken by China in the field of nuclear emergency made important progress. The China’s nuclear emergency "white paper is published in Chinese, English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and other languages, Chinese version, English version have been respectively by the people’s publishing house, foreign languages press publishing, today issued in the Xinhua bookstore.