0Belt and Road Initiative will bear more fruits ( ambassador on The Belt and Road) – Internatio|Belt and Road Initiative will bear more fruits ( ambassador on The Belt and Road) – Internatio

"Along the way" will bear more fruits (  ambassador talk "along the way") – International – people.com.cn "for the ancient Silk Road, ordinary Egyptians are not strange, many people have a cordial emotion to distant Chinese. The Egyptian government support ‘along the way’ construction and actively participate, has become the Asian infrastructure investment bank’s founding members. This shows the good cooperation between the two countries and the bright prospects of the two countries." Speaking of "The Belt and Road" under the framework of cooperation, Ambassador Majedi Amir of Egypt? Chinese strong feelings shows between the lines. "In fact, not only the Arabs came to China, I observed that there are also many students and entrepreneurs from western countries to study in China." Ma Amir said. Egypt was the first country to establish diplomatic relations with China in Arabia. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 60 years ago, bilateral cooperation in trade, investment, culture and other fields has become more and more fruitful. China President Xi Jinping earlier this year to visit Egypt, Egypt put into The Belt and Road along the fulcrum of countries, and make plans for the development of bilateral relations, creating a new situation in a friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation. Currently, there are many large construction projects in Egypt led by the Chinese company, the Suez canal corridor, Egypt’s new administrative capital and other large construction projects have been launched. 2016 is the year of China and Egypt, the two countries held a series of cultural activities. Last year, about 1500 Chinese students to study in Egypt, is expected in 2016 will increase to about 2000 people. "At the same time you will find that almost every flight from Cairo to Beijing, you can see the figure of the Chinese students." Amir Majedi said with a smile, "eager to learn more about the culture of the other side of the young people." Amir said that Egypt is out of the development of the trough, the economic growth rate is expected to reach 5% in 2016, which has a great attraction for investors all over the world. Egypt hopes to strengthen cooperation with China in the fields of industry, manufacturing and other fields, but also look forward to China’s participation in the construction of infrastructure in egypt. In areas such as renewable energy and software development, cooperation between the two countries is expected to achieve more results. The Egyptian government attaches great importance to "The Belt and Road, specially set up a special group led by the prime minister and the relevant departments to participate in the regular monthly meetings to promote the implementation of relevant projects. "In the context of the overall good, the cooperation between the two countries will encounter some challenges, but I think that these barriers can be resolved through the strengthening of communication, can be the depth of cooperation with the disappearance of." Majedi? Amir frankly, with the deepening of bilateral cooperation, mutual understanding between the two countries and the people along the region will further deepen, "The Belt and Road construction will get more and more support, bear more fruit. "People’s Daily" (2016 04, 02, 24 Edition)